Position versatility key for Kirkland

Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds spoke Monday with junior offensive lineman Andrew Kirkland, who talked a lot about position flexibility along the OL, including both tackle spots.

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How have you avoided the media all fall? “I’ve been doing my thing really focusing on football and just trying to get my reps all good and corrected.” 

On playing a variety of positions “I haven’t played center yet, but I’ve been playing tackle and guard trying to get as many reps as I can, know both positions as well as I can, and help the team in any way I can.” 

On switching between right and left tackle “It’s just football. I’ve been doing it a lot since I’ve been here., so it’s nice to get both reps on both sides, just to get a feel for the game and positions.”

Do you have a preferred side? “No, I like them both. I like playing both sides. It’s all fun.”

On the difference between guard and tackle “Just a little more confined space at guard and tackle, you know, a little more open. I like them both. A lot of fun.”

On fall camp so far “I think fall has been going good. Definitely just been out there working as hard as I can, trying to work on my technique, just really bonding with the team.” 

On switching coaches “It’s all good. It was nice just really getting to know Straus (Coach Strausser) and his crew. I think it was good. A lot of fun.” 

On the main difference in coaches “Not really. They’re both really intense guys. I like them both a lot. Straus did an amazing job keeping us together and being a great coach.” 

On the line coming together “Yeah, I definitely feel a different bond going on with us. We’ve really come together, become one solid unit. I’m really proud of us.” 

Has it felt like things have been building since coach Petersen has arrived? “Yeah. I think everything has just been on the up and up with the whole team. Everyone is just doing a great job getting to know each other, creating that solid team bond.” 

On the defensive line “Our defense is absolutely amazing. Just going against all the different guys, they’re all really good. We have a lot of depth. I’m really impressed with them.”

What have you gotten better at since spring? “I think just my knowledge of the game has increased more and just playing a little bit faster."

Is there one game you’re really looking forward to? “I’m looking forward to all our games. They’re going to be really, really exciting.”

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