Budda Baker can’t wait for Rutgers

Thursday was the last day to talk to players before game week, and no one was more anxious to get game week started than junior safety Budda Baker.

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On receivers - “You got Ross, Dante, even the younger guys - Andre Baccellia, Chico, our new transfer K.J., a lot of guys. You’ve got big guys like Brayden, Connor Griffin who can jump up…I’m just very excited for them for this season.”

Are you going to be a kick return guy this season? - “I don’t know. That’s up to coach Pete. I’m up for anything.”

Would you like to be a three-way player? - “Of course. Being an athlete, I feel like everyone wants to play all three sides - special teams, offense and defense. We’ll see how it all goes.”

How about the interception competition? - “The interceptions, young freshman (Myles Bryant) killed us all. He has six picks. Everyone has two. I think Sidney got one yesterday, so he has three. Everyone else had two but the young guy Myles Bryant beat us all at six. He’s going to have that Pick Ball.”

Gaining 20 pounds…all about the diet? - “A lot of meat. I don’t really like vegetables but I had to scarf it down.”

How do you deal with the outside noise when the accolades keep coming in? - “For us, it’s not really paying attention to it. Being blessed that people have the knowledge about us…at the end of the day we haven’t done anything and pre-season rankings don’t mean anything. It all matters when you’re on that field going against that opponent.”

Feel strange that it’s only a week or so until Rutgers? - “It’s crazy. I feel like it was long, but now it’s coming really fast. We’re just really excited.”

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