Elijah Qualls striving for perfection

Even though the end of fall camp is basically here, there are a lot of Washington players still trying to hone their craft, looking for that edge. Elijah Qualls is one of those players.

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On fall - “It’s been a good developmental period for us as far as getting ready for the season and as far as topping off and tightening all the things we wanted to do with the offense and the defensive schemes and off the field as a team. There’s been a lot of progress throughout this camp.”

On improvement in week two - “Definitely we all know the schemes that much better from studying all the time, watching plenty of film, developing with the techniques. You could tell the difference between that learning period and perfecting period. We already know what we need to do, now we just need to consistently do it the right way. So that’s been the difference between those two.”

On the idea of you, Gaines and Vea along the line together - “Obviously the size. For a team that runs a three-down, to have three 300-pound plus linemen that can legit play the run and actually rush the passer at all positions? That’s not something many teams, if any team that I know of, has actually seen. We all know our jobs, we all know what we’re doing. We’re all very comfortable with each other, trusting each other. I know Vita is going to run the right game or he’s going to contain the pass rusher if he needs to or he’s going to wrap if he needs to. Me not having to worry about who is on the field with me, I can just do my own thing and trust and believe that the guy next to me is going to do his job.”

What gives you confidence you’ll be better than last year? - “The experience. The understand that we can be as good as we were last year but we can actually be even better than that. A lot better because we’ve got that experience, because we’ve got that time, because we’ve got that development, because we’ve got new people. Even with Cory (Littleton), (Travis) Feeney, Tani (Tupou), those guys gone - those were big-time seniors that made that defense what it is - we’ve got people to replace them and they are definitely stepping up to the plate. Just having that same hunger, if not more of the same attitude, if not better.”

How do you personally eliminate the outside noise? - “Just do what I always do, focusing on getting better that next day. It’s not about where I’m at as far as being…I’m never really satisfied at whatever I’ve done that day. I was talking to Coach Malloe the other day. He asked me what he could do to make me better and one thing I told him was just whenever I’m on the field as much as possible critique me to my footsteps. Just for the simple fact that I’m not somebody that ever focuses on the positive. Honestly that’s a problem of mine because even some of the games we won last year, I came into the locker room pissed and some of the people didn’t understand that. I’m a perfectionist. If it’s not absolutely right and dominant, then I’m not satisfied with it. And that’s a lot of the attitudes on this team, especially on this defense.”

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