Coleman Shelton is confident in new role

With Sifa Tufunga gone, it's up to Coleman Shelton to quarterback the offensive line. spoke with the junior Thursday, and Shelton expressed confidence in the transition to center, as well as confidence in those around him.

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How has the transition to center been? - “It’s been good. It’s been going well. I’m getting my snaps dialed in, stuff like that. Spring was a good buffer for me and then now it’s time to get dialed in for the season. So it’s been good.”

Besides snapping, what has been the biggest thing you needed to adjust to at center? - “It starts with the communication with the whole offensive line and making sure everyone is dialed in and knows where they are going. And then everything’s a little different in the middle because you’re the center of everything. You don’t have a certain side you’re setting to or stuff like that. Technique was a little different. That was a transition, but it went smoothly so that was all good.”

What is maybe an unfocused aspect of the offensive line we need to know about heading into the season? - “Our young guys are all playing great. It’s fun to see them just going out there and having fun. Nick Harris, Luke Wattenberg, they are all just having fun. They are playing really hard, so that’s always good to see those guys doing well. Trey and Kaleb both had really good camps, we’re excited to see how they do at tackle. And the whole offensive line coming together as a whole.”

Does the OL have a chip on your shoulders to make sure people know you can be just as good as the defense? - “We feel like we’ve got to go down there and score. That’s just the most important thing to us, getting points. We know our defense is going to do well but we’ve also got to do well, so we can put the team on our back at some point too.”

Does it feel like going up against this defense is the best scout you can have for the upcoming season? - “It only makes us better. We have a great defense and it just makes us better going against those guys every day. That’s the biggest thing going up against them. They push us, we try to push them as much as we can.”

How do you push out the noise from the outside in terms of rankings and such? - “Personally I don’t pay attention to it. I don’t look at it too much. Coach Pete’s thing is, stay within the team. So I’m not really focusing on any outside noise at all. I’m focusing on getting better each day in practice.”

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