Keith Gilbertson quotes - 8/19

Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson tried an old method Tuesday evening. The former UW offensive coordinator, used to watching things from the press box at Husky Stadium, decided to get a bird's eye view of practice. For nearly all of the 2 and a half-hour session he stood and watched from a south-side camera well in the upper deck. Apparently he didn't like what he saw.

On the condition of the team: We've conditioned hard. It's been hard work. I think we'll be fine. There will be a time when we'll need to let them get their legs back a little bit, but now is not the time. We need to practice. We'll give them plenty of time to recover and let them get their legs back.

On watching practice from the camera well on the second level of the stadium: You obviously see a lot. I've spent a lot of my career up that way. It's a good vantage point, and it's a lot easier to see both offense and defense.

On Tuesday's practice: I thought today, of all of our practices up until now, I thought this was the poorest tempo we had over a long period of time. We've had some that might have started slow but really picked up or some that were really good at first then slowed down, but this one really I thought got off the ground. I was pretty disappointed in this practice from pretty much start to finish. This is the most disappointing practice we've had in all of fall camp.

On Ohio State looming 11 days away: In some people's minds, that game might be a long way off, but that game will be here before you know it. We'll be alright.

On Khalif Barnes' ankle injury: They wanted to hold him (out) for today. They said he could go tomorrow.

On allowing a chance for competition: You've got to give kids a chance to come out and compete. If I don't think that I've got a chance to compete, then I'll come out and practice like a second-teamer. If I've got a chance to compete maybe I'll practice like a first-teamer, which means when I go out there and play on Saturday I'll play like a first teamer. I think Tusi Sa'au deserves a chance to compete, as does Brad Vanneman. I think that's important for those guys to know that they've got a chance to compete to start.

On Shelton Sampson: I think Shelton's time off really hurt. I think the time he missed last week with the migraines really set him back. Top Stories