Sidney Jones Talks Rutgers, Expectations

Washington junior corner Sidney Jones talks about preparing for the unknown with Rutgers as well as how much the secondary has grown since he arrived in 2014...

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Is it more difficult to prepare for a team you know so little about? “It’s different. We don’t have too much film on them, so that’s just a kind of thing we have to work around, being that we don’t have the film. We just have to play our rules and do what we do.”


What are you expecting from Rutgers? “Fast offense. High tempo. Run-pass option. Just college football stuff.”


Do you feel this defense is dialed in? “We’re dialed in big time, just coming to work everyday we just try to grow as a group, watch film together, do whatever it takes to be on the same as the defense as a whole.”


How do you get excited but not too amped? “You just try to emulate everything in practice, just have high intensity at practice and it will translate to the game once all that happens.”


How has the group grown since you’ve been here? “Just the growth, our football IQ has grown tremendously, just being more experienced, knowing the game more, just verbal communication that breeds understanding. We just try to do that as best as possible every time we’re on the field.”


On having short-term memory as a corner “Yeah, that’s what the DBs are. If you’re beat on a play you just bounce back like nothing happened and try to make that play, make up for your mistakes. That’s what I try to do if I ever get beat. Just never backing down, having that fighters mentality, and just coming back stronger every play.”

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