Intensity Picking Up For Greg Gaines

Washington defensive lineman Greg Gaines talks about the intensity in practice now that it's game week and how they are preparing for Rutgers...

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Have you found a new intensity now that it’s game week? “Yeah for sure. We got yesterday off, so we got a little recovery time for the legs and trying to get right for this week and definitely a different intensity. We’re preparing for someone now and not just going against each other and working on ourselves. We’re still working on ourselves, but we’re preparing for someone else. It definitely freshens things up because there’s a different game plan and stuff like that. Give us something else ot focus on.”


Do you guys change who starts based on game plan? “Sometimes, yeah. We have our big boys, like me Vita (Vea), and Elijah (Qualls). We go in. I mean we do it all too. We do pass rush and stuff like that. I don’t know how much we’re going to mix it up, that’s up to the coaches, but we’ll see what happens.”


How do you prepare for such an experienced offensive line? “We’re trying to just watch their film and learn their tendencies and stuff like that and learn what they do and try to expose their weaknesses and stuff, just like everyone else.”


Is it harder to prepare for a team with a new coach? “Definitely. We don’t have that much film on them, so we’re trying to work with what we got and try to make the best of it.”


Do you look at film of other schools their Drew Mehringer, the Rutgers offensive coordinator, has coached? “Yeah, of course.”


Are you excited for this Saturday? “Oh yeah, definitely excited. Excited to see what our team can do and see if all the hype is real.”

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