All About Preparation For Jimmy Lake

Washington defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake talks Rutgers and what some of his concerns are as the Huskies prepare to take on the Scarlett Knights...

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On Rutgers “They have an extremely veteran wide receiver group coming back. They’ve played a lot of football. Three seniors and two, really three talented running backs, and their junior played a lot of football last year too. Now the scheme is going to be a little bit different. That’s always going to be hard in the opening game. But they have very, very talented skill players, so we’ll be ready for that. We just have to play our rules. We know their going to come in here with a different flavor. They’re going to come in here with some mojo. They have a new coaching staff, and we have to be ready for their best fight.”

What’s your message to your players for the opening game? “We always talk about tackling, turnovers, and special teams. This is going to be the first time we’re going to get some really live tackles over an 80-100 play series of a real football game, so we have to tackle really well. Special teams has to be on point, and we have to take care of the football on offense and special teams in our return game. Obviously on defense we’re trying to get turnovers.”


What is your message for this game specifically? “It’s always a concern. In the opening you’re going to have some players out there who are maybe a true freshman running down kickoff for the first time, and just those first game jitters. People are overshooting their gaps, overshooting their leverage, missed tackles. You watch that opening game of Cal versus Hawaii, you saw some missed tackles right in the open field, so that’s always an issue in opening games.”


On pressuring Chris Laviano “It’s very critical, and it’s critical every single game, but definitely this opener right here. We’re hoping our crowd shows up, it’s loud, maybe the cadence is a little messed up, our guys get a jump on the rush on those offensive lineman. But he’s a very talented player, has a very strong arm, and has some really good targets outside and at the slot position, so we’re going to have our hands full.”


On Janarion Grant “Extremely explosive player. We went way back and watched his true freshman year. He returned one against Fresno State 100 yards. I think it was his first play as a collegiate player. He’s going to be something definitely to deal with in the special teams arena, but also on offense. We think he’s going to be everywhere and their going to be trying to give him a lot of touches throughout the game.”

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