Kwiatkowski Preparing For The Unknown

Washington defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks about preparations for Rutgers with a lot of unknowns as well as his big defensive line and what they can do...

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What do you expect from Rutgers “The unexpected. It’s a rules game. Everybody has their rules based on what off the call, what they’re supposed to do. Play with good eyes, do your job, and then you’re ready to adjust. When they hit a play on us or they’re doing something, be able to adjust and keep our composure and keep plugging away.”


Will they pass it a lot? “They want to run the ball. They want to run the ball and they get in on the perimeter with their screens and stuff like that. They want to run the ball, and the tempo. They want to get you misaligned with their tempo and try to run a lot of plays. If they hit a play they’re going to go even faster. It’s the offense that everybody is sort of running nowadays.”


Did you study Houston at all? “Yeah. Their offensive coordinator came from there. We looked at Houston and Ohio State. You’re trying to get an educated guess, but I’m sure their going to have different plays than those teams ran.”


Is the unknown the hardest part of the beginning of the season? “Yeah, just the unknown. That’s why the guys have to rely on their roles. There are no tendencies. There’s nothing other than what some of the coaches have done in the past. So give them as many looks as you can and you just have to be able to adjust.”


On the versatility of the defensive line “They’re really big guys that have some pretty good athleticism. It’s hard to push them around. I feel really good about those guys. They’re in really good shape so they can play a lot of reps. Excited about them.”


On Vita Vea “When he first got here he was woefully out of shape. He’s come a long way as far as maturing as a young man. His leadership is getting better, helping the younger guys and just understanding how to play the position. He still has a ways to go, but there’s been tons of growth on his part.”


On Brandon Wellington “He’s a football player. He’s smart, he’s athletic, and he just does things instinctually that you want to see good football players do. And he does it. You’d like to say you coach these guys about this stuff, but certain guys just have a feel for leverage and special awareness. They have that vision and I think he’s one of those guys that has that.”


On Camilo Eifler “He’s more of a redshirt guy.”

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