Expectations Are High For Keishawn Bierria

Junior linebacker Keishawn Bierria is looking forward to the start of the season and he talks about the expectations for the season as well as the loss of teammate Sean Constantine to a broken ankle...

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On Rutgers “We aren’t sleeping on anybody. We’re going to look at all their personnel, what they’re coach is doing, and we’re putting everything into our game plan and just focusing.”


What’s game day like for you? “For me, it’s a pretty quite day, because when I get on the field I get pretty amped. I just wake up, look at some film, look over a little install, I might watch a few highlights of a few great players on the way to the stadium. Other than that, just listen to nice smooth music on the way to the stadium and just enjoying it.”


Is their value in looking back on previous good personal performances? “There’s a lot of value. You always want to do better than you did the week before or even the year before. Just always on a constant state of improvement and just focusing on playing as good as I can with my teammates.”


On expectations about the defense “We like to get better throughout the stretch of the season. We focus on improving everyday. Sometimes teams take setbacks and we have to focus on just improving from where we are now until the end of the season.”


Have you guys found a new intensity now that it’s game week? “The intensity is there. I would say guys are a lot fresher than they were throughout camp. The energy from snap to snap is incredible. You want to try to simulate that game speed energy and that tempo. The energy is there, the anticipation is there, and guys are all over.”


How do you find the balance of keeping fresh and working hard in practice? “We have a lot of things set in place for that. Our school and our team does a great job of keeping track of how much we work and how much energy we put out. I just focus on working as hard as I can and they focus on seeing how much I’m working on and off the field.”


On losing Sean Constantine “You can’t move on from that. Losing a guy that has already bounced from one thing this offseason to getting ready for the season and losing him right before the season, that’s hard. Sean (Constantine) to me is like one of my brothers. I would do anything for him. I text him everyday, check in on him, and that’s like for every guy in the linebacker room. One thing we preach is the next guy has to be ready. You have to be on your Ps and Qs because you never know what’s going to happen. We wish it doesn’t happen, but it does happen. Guys are just working as if they’re the starters. The guys behind us have already been working as if they’re the starters because you never know what’s going to happen. I wish the best for Sean and a safe recovery. I know he’s going to be back and ready.”


On the young linebackers “Amandre (Williams) is an outside linebacker, so he’s not really with us. I lift next to him; I see how he works. He’s a hard working guy, he doesn’t say too much, and he just does what he does. He’s a very coachable guy. Brandon (Wellington) and Camilo (Eifler), I love both of those dudes. They’re inside linebackers. We treat them like brothers. They both work exceptionally hard, very smart guys. We just sharpen them up to make sure they’re ready.”

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