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We're bringing back a feature that we used to have all the time back in the day - Ask Dawgman. People have been asking questions, so here's the place where we give our answers. 

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From: David Glindmeyer

When was the last time Washington’s football team looked this good/promising at the end of fall camp?

Well, I think it's safe to say 2013 was a season where things were looking very promising. It was the return of UW Football back to a renovated Husky Stadium, and Keith Price and Bishop Sankey were expected to have big seasons (they did). It was year five of the Steve Sarkisian Era, which was going to be the place where the Huskies took that next step back toward national respectability. And if it wasn't for a mid-season slump with losses to Stanford, Oregon and Arizona State, Washington would have had their first 10-win season since 2000. 

From: Dean Pittsinger

I would like to know what the players think of the new helmets.  They are pretty different.  Also, where are they putting the W?  There isn’t much room for anything on the sides.

We have asked players about the VICIS helmets throughout fall, and the response has been consistently positive. Behind the scenes, however, it sounds like there were some small fit issues that forced VICIS to scrap using the new helmets this fall. It wasn't about safety concerns. It was about the chin strap and some padding problems that gave VICIS pause. They want to make sure the helmet fits perfectly, so they've recalled the helmets for this season in the hopes they can rectify the fit issues and have them available after this season. As it stands, it means UW will be using their old Riddell helmets they used last year. That also means they'll have the full array of color choices they had last season. 

As far as the W, I'm sure they'll have it as close to where it traditionally fits on the side of the helmet. Below is a picture of the helmet so you can see how they would do it.  

From: Charles Records

Could you ask Coach Pete a.) if Tedford will be traveling to road games, b.) what his game day responsibilities will be, and c.) if he'll be sitting in the Coaches Box or will he be down on the sidelines?

A) Jeff Tedford will be traveling to road games. B) He will be talking to coaches during the games, bouncing thoughts off them, giving them another pair of eyes. C) He will be in the coaches box. 

From: wzosel@gmail.com

Speculate what happens to Washington's future football games with BYU if BYU joins the Big 12 next year or 2018?   I assume BYU will have to move some games off their future schedules.

For those fans that don't know, Washington and BYU have home-and-home games set up for 2018 and 2019. The Cougars travel to Seattle September 29th, 2018 and the Huskies return the favor on September 21st, 2019. 

As far as BYU joining the Big 12 and how that could affect UW's future schedule, I suspect there would be some hefty, hefty payouts if the Cougars had to bow out of their contract. As of now, BYU has 10 games already scheduled for 2018: California, Utah State, Northern Illinois and Hawai'i at home and Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington, Boise State, Utah and UMass away. 

Let's assume UMass, Boise State, Northern Illinois, and Hawai'i go away if BYU plays Big 12 games by 2018. Those would be the lowest payout games. They can't count Hawai'i as a 13th game because it's a home game. They could still conceivably have three non-conference games out of those left. Utah State would be a tough one because it's an in-state game, but if forced to choose between Utah State and Utah, BYU would take Utah every time. To add to that, BYU and Utah don't have any other games currently scheduled, so Utah would definitely be one of the non-conference games. That leaves picking two games between California, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Washington. California is the lone home game of those four, so one would expect BYU to keep that one. So it's probably between going to Arizona, Wisconsin or Washington. Any other fan base and it would be an easy pick between Tucson, Madison and Seattle, but BYU fans travel huge regardless. 

In 2019,  2020, and 2021 they have seven games already scheduled, so getting out of contracts by then would be a slightly easier proposition - but not that much easier. 

As hard as it is to find quality opponents for home-home series nowadays, losing BYU would be a tough blow for the UW schedulers. But they had to do it when Wisconsin had to bow out for similar reasons. There's just no easy solution.   

From: Upcountry Maui

I imagine her unscheduled moments are disappearing quickly before the 2016 FB season kicks off, but, is there any chance of getting a Jen Cohen update on any changes to the 2016 FB Game Day experience for Husky fans?

I'm guessing this matter is on many dm.c members minds.

Things like how light rail is being integrated into the experience, etc., etc., etc.

We did a KJR interview with Associate AD Carter Henderson this past Saturday, who talked about some of the game day changes (starts at the 23:30 mark) 

And for those UW fans that frequent The Zone, you can check out their page here for more information on any changes that have been made (and there have been changes).

As far as light rail and the rest, my assumption on that is it's just going to be that much easier for those that use light rail to get to downtown. Now all they have to do is get to Westlake Station, transfer over to Capital Hill, and then keep going to the UW station, which is located literally on the west side of Husky Stadium. For $5.50 you can go all the way from SeaTac Airport to Husky Stadium and back. 

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