Myles Gaskin Gives and Takes in Equal Measure

As a true sophomore, Myles Gaskin is hesitant to talk about himself as the leader of the Washington running backs. On Wednesday he talked about the spirit, camaraderie, and give and take within the room as they get ready to host Rutgers in their season opener Saturday.

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On pass protection “I like it. He (Jomon Dotson) is good at it. He’s real good at it. I’m still working on it. I watch his film on how he does it, so he’s real good at it. He’s a guy I can learn from, so I appreciate the way he goes about it. He helps me out when I need it. So yeah, working on that.”

Is it a desire to or technique that makes Jomon Dotson good at pass protection? “Definitely both. Obviously he wants to; he says he loves it. He’s got a real good punch. He can get into a linebacker’s chest, even if they’re heavier and bigger. He always finds a way to get into someone’s chest and that’s something that I’m still trying to work on. He’s one of those guys who can teach me up a lit. Him, Lavon (Coleman), and those types of guys. It’s something I’m working on.

On the balance between staying fresh and getting reps “Taking mental reps. I think that’s a big things. You don’t want to be exactly in the play while the play is going on, but stand a couple twenty yards back and see what whoever is in is actually seeing. Kind of see the cut back or the hole they see, or try to cut off somebody where they did. Just trying to see it from a distance. I think that can help anybody at any position actually. I feel like that’s what I did. Try to just watch stuff like that. What I was talking to him about was film. Film is the key.”

How do you improve things like vision? “Just work on it. You watch other guys, you watch guys in the league, you watch guys that are out off the league and been done with football for a long time. Then you watch yourself and see how you can compare those types of players and how you can up your game. I think that’s the most important thing. Trying to take the next step. I think that’s the way you can. A lot of those things are God given, and it’s a blessing. But some things you can work on like that. That’s the way I think. Go on YouTube, look up Reggie Bush or something like that.”

Who are other guys you watch? “Reggie’s nice. He’s the best college running back ever. Reggie, look at the guys playing right now in college and in the league. Obviously the guy at Stanford, Christian McCaffrey, look at him sometimes. LeVeon Bell, all those guys. Just somebody you can pick up some stuff from. You don’t have exactly run like them. Just see what they’re seeing and see what they do with their feet and stuff like that.”

Is it unusual running the tailback room? “I say the leadership is shared in that room. Jomon and Lavon. Lavon is obviously the older guy, the guy that’s been around for the longest. Juice is the next guy up basically. There’s Ralph (Kinne). But I think that leadership is shared through everybody. There’s no one guy like that. Last year there was Coop (Deontae Cooper) and Dwayne (Washington). Those guys were the leaders out there. I feel like you can come to certain guys for certain things. If you want to come like ‘hey, what do I do on the weekends?’ Or ‘I’m having a hard time in school,’ or stuff like that. You can come to any of us. It’s not always just about football, because I feel like leadership is on and off the field. I think we all share that role.”

How are things different in the running back room than they were last year? “We lost a few guys obviously, but nothing is better or worse at all. We miss those guys, love those guys, but I think it’s just a different vibe. More freshmen I guess. Last year I was the only freshmen, Just having Kamari (Pleasant) and Sean (McGrew), those guys you have to teach up. Those guys are real good guys, real good ball players and everything like that. Just trying to teach those guys up. It’s a fun room though. We have jokes and everything. We have more fun talks than serious talks to be honest. We go through film and laugh at each other. If someone gets banged, someone gets banged, whatever. I think we’re all brothers and stuff like that. it think we all love each other and care for one another and I wouldn’t say anything is better or worse at all. I think it’s just a new year.”

What do you expect from Rutgers? “We’re expecting a team to put it all out there and their a tough team ready to go. So are we. We’re just excited for the game.”

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