Jomon Dotson Excited to be No. 2

When the Washington depth chart came out Monday, many thought it a mild surprise that Jomon Dotson was listed ahead of Lavon Coleman at the backup tailback spot. Dotson talked Wednesday about being in the depth and how he hopes to help the Huskies beat Rutgers Saturday in Seattle.

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What have you been preparing for Rutgers? “Just going out there every single day, getting the job done, making sure that my ball security is on point, making sure I’m able to be explosive, my vision. Just going out there and having fun and continuing to work on my craft.”

On being number two on the depth chart “Yes, it’s always been a goal. I just want to keep going out there and working each day and everyday keep going hard. I’m just enjoying the process pretty much. Having fun. Just trying to perfect my craft like I said.”

How have you improved as a pass protector? “I just try to go out there and be as physical as I can. Like I said, have fun, be physical, and go out there and show them what you got.”

Pass blocking doesn’t seem fun. How is it for you? “I like it. I like to be physical. It’s fun to me, going out there and being physical.”

On the technique of pass protection “You have to get low, have a good center and base, of course be explosive, have a great punch, move you feet. It’s all little things, all little details. I feel as though that’s got a lot better than where I was before. I just want to keep progressing and getting better each and everyday.”

Is your head not spinning as much as it was last year? “No. That’s funny. I’m good.”

In what ways have you developed? “Just being more patient and really going out there, being focused. That’s pretty much what it is, being focused, paying attention.”

Is your style different when you come in? “I’d say that we all bring our different talents out there, so I like using my speed as much as possible, getting out the backfield. I feel as though we all have different traits that we bring to the game, which is good. We all have different talents.”

How much more comfortable are you now than a year ago? “I feel really comfortable. I’m ready to go out there. If the game was tomorrow, I’m ready to go. I just want to go out there and have fun and just compete.”

On Rutgers “I’m just ready to go. Whatever they bring, we’re ready. I just want to go out there and, like I said, have fun. It doesn’t really whatever they bring. We’re just going to stick to us and do what we need to do to go out there and win the game or whatever.”

Do you feel that when Myles Gaskin comes out and you come in there is no drop off? “Yes. I feel as though I can go out there and pick him up. Even as a unit we all try as one. If somebody comes out of the game, somebody should be able to fill that role and step up in the game and be able to do the same thing as far as Myles or Lavon or me. Just go out there and be able to produce and put points on the board.”

On Kamari Pleasant and Sean McGrew “I’ve seen productivity. They’ve been going out there everyday going hard. They’re still learning, they’re still young, but I’ve got to give it to those guys. They’re staying with it. They keep grinding each and everyday. I like that. I like to see the growth of how I was back then. I can relate to how I was, being hard to grasp the playbook. But seeing them take each step and each step each day, that’s going to be exciting for later on in the future.”

On the offense’s confidence compared to the end of last year “I’d say we all have taken a step. The chemistry is there. All we have to do is go out there and show it on the field.”

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