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Dawgman Predictions - Rutgers

Well, the 2016 season is finally upon us! And with the Rutgers opener roughly 24 hours away, it's time to post the World Famous Dawgman.com staff predictions. Saturday's game may not hold the same drama as Chris Petersen's trip back to Boise State last season, but it still holds a lot of intrigue as the Huskies go up against a completely reworked Scarlet Knights program.

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Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru

We have all been hearing and reading the hype.  Been quite a while since we have seen this level of it.  I am certainly exited by what this team could accomplish this year.  Now is the time to walk the walk.  Rutgers comes in with a decent team, and I am sure both sides are ready to hit someone besides their teammate.  They have a kick returner that damn near beat the COOGs last year.  On our side, with Ross returning to the fold, I am hoping he will open up the field for the others.  I think Miles will benefit from that.  So all the Huskies need to do is go out stay healthy, and play like they are capable of.  The rest will take care of itself.

Prediction: Washington 42-17


Johnb - Long time Husky fan

Rutgers is probably the worst team in the Big Ten. They are coming off a 4-8 season and are led by a first-year head coach who is putting in a new system. Early betting lines have the Huskies as a 26-point favorite which seems downright conservative to me at home. Surprisingly WSU had problems with them the past two years, but I expect the Huskies to jump on them early and often. Coach Chris Petersen says, “It’s time to play. We could practice another month and not make any progress. It’s time to play.”  The Huskies will shut down the Scarlet Knights. 

Prediction: Washington 45-10


Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire

Both teams will be a little slow out the gate, but when the Huskies find their rhythm, Rutgers won't be able to get over the bump against the UW defense, this falling short.

Prediction: Washington 38-16


Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com 

I’m in. I’m in for the hype. I’m in for the siren, sailgating, Montlake and Tequila! I’m in for thinking the defense will be just as good or better than last year. I’m in for believing that a year of seasoning on offense will flip losses into wins. I’m in for believing that Petersen finally has his OKG’s in place to see huge gains and depth from nearly every position. I’m in for Gaskin, Browning, Victor, Budda and Adams. I’m in for the Purple and the Gold. And I’m in for a realistic run to the Roses. Dawgs look dominant against a Rutgers team with a freshman Head Coach and roll to a convincing feel-good win. 

Prediction: Washington 45-13


Chris Fetters - Editor

So many unknowns to this game, as has been well-documented. That means it comes down to who simply executes better. That should be right up Chris Petersen's alley, especially at home. Rutgers has to travel clear across the country, which actually shouldn't hurt them too much because the three hours they lose means they'll feel like they are playing at 2 pm instead of 11 am. But that's a small part of the whole puzzle, and frankly Chris Ash and the new Rutgers coaching staff have as many questions about their own players as Washington does. He's never coached them in a game before. The same can't be said of Petersen and his team. He knows what he's got. Now it's just a matter of executing. UW won't cover, but they'll play much like they did last year versus Utah State: sluggish out of the gate but will then hit their stride while the defense does their thing. 

Prediction: Washington 34-10 


Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor 

Huskies are big favorites in this one, but I don't see a blowout for the Dawgs. I see them getting off to a slow start as the offense continues to work on continuity and finding some reliable receivers. A big key will be how they run the ball. Myles Gaskin should be able to get 100 yards on the day, but my guess is it will come later in the game as they pound away and shorten the game. I see the Huskies up 17-10 at halftime and then pulling away for a 38-20 win to start the season.

Prediction: Washington 38-20


Kim Grinolds - CEO

So The Zone will stop selling beer 10 minutes prior to the end of halftime. That just means fans will head there in the middle of the second quarter instead of halftime as UW will have the game well in hand by then. Look for a big lead at halftime and reserves play much of the 4th quarter.
Prediction: Washington 42-13

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