Post Game Video: Vita Vea spoke with sophomore defensive tackle Vita Vea after the Washington Huskies defeated Rutgers 48-13 Saturday at Husky Stadium.

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On the defense’s mentality “We had to prove it coming out this year, because we haven’t done anything yet. That’s our whole motto.”

Did you prove anything today? “I feel like that was a start. We have a long season ahead of us, so yeah.”

On his first start “It felt good today. First game of the season, there’s some stuff to go take care of and clean up. But overall it felt good.”

What do you need to clean up as a defense? “Basic stuff. Lining up in the right formation and stuff like that.”

On the first quarter “We came out as a group ready to go. The whole defense, all of us, actually the whole team, we were fired up. Coach Pete talked to us before the game and said that we had to pick up where we left off last season after playing Oregon State and WSU. He told us to pick up off of that. Over fall camp, this whole offseason we’ve been waiting for this one day, and it’s finally here.”

On his sack “I don’t know what happened. Every time I try to do fancy stuff coach Malloe tells me to stay in your world with power and stuff. I try to finesse them, but I remember coach Malloe’s voice in the back of my head ‘stay in your world.’ So then I went back to bull rushing. Next thing you know I was right at the quarterback.”

How exciting was that for you? “That was pretty exciting. In the moment I was really hyped, but I didn’t really want to show it. Coming off to the sideline and hearing everyone really hyped got me really going.”

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