Post Game Video: Jake Browning

Hear Husky QB Jake Browning's thoughts on Washington's 48-13 win over Rutgers...

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On the strong start “It felt good. Put in a lot of hard work over the offseason, little stuff here and there. It was nice to finally play a game.”

On John Ross “He’s very fast. And a year and a half of hard work that he’s put in getting the knee back, you’re excited for him because he’s such a good guy. He works really hard. It was nice to see him come into his own after all that hard work he put in.” 

On the first touchdown “A little check that we went to. They did what we wanted to. We were able to put it up to Chico (McClatcher). I thought we started off really explosive and that was good.” 

On deep passes “I thought it was something I struggled with last season. I think it’s been getting better through spring ball and fall camp. Just working on little things, we weren’t very far off last season. It was just those little things here and there that make the difference when you’re throwing the ball down field. The littlest detail can make a difference. It was nice to get that going and obviously (John) Ross helps with that. I thought there was still room for improvement. I missed Dante (Pettis) on one that I thought could have been a big play. Luckily we got the PI, but I think there’s still room to improve on stuff like that. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.” 

What did you see from Rutgers on defense? “There were definitely some unknowns coming in, new staff, what are they going to change and all that. I thought they did a lot of the stuff we thought they were going to. There were some changes here and there. I thought they brought a little different pressure than we thought, but for the most part we kind of went into it like ‘who knows?’ They could line up in something completely different and we’re going to run our stuff and they have to stop it. As far as scheme, we were coming in with a certain idea, but we were ready for whatever and we just adjusted on the fly and went with it.”

On the touchdown to John Ross that he checked to “Yeah. It’s kind of just built in. If I think I can throw it, I throw it. He was one on one and I didn’t think the safety could get there, so if that happens I’m going to put it up a lot with whoever it is. And obviously with John Ross being fast I just put some air underneath it and put it out there and he made a good play on it.”

On John Ross and the receivers’ core “He said that he wants to get better all the time. I think that carries over. Him and Dante (Pettis) and Chico (McClatcher) do a great job of just working hard to get better. With (John) Ross doing that well and people like Andre (Baccellia) making a play on a deep ball. I think it’s just contagious; when someone starts making plays, everyone starts making plays. I thought that was a great effort overall by the receivers and overall on offense I thought we were pretty explosive. But there’s definitely some stuff we need to do better. 

On overthrowing John Ross “It was a bad ball. I have a feel for him; I’ve been throwing to him for a while now. That was a bad ball.”

On the deep ball to Chico McClatcher “It was just a check. A motion out of the backfield and if it was a matchup that I thought he was going to beat him, and he ended up being one on one with a linebacker, so I just put it up.” 

On Chico McClatcher’s number change “Chico changed his number like a week ago and we were kind of caught off guard, like what? Just randomly changed his number and just decided to wear a new jersey to practice. I think everybody was kind of caught off guard by that. But I think he had a good game. I knew he was going to be a guy that shows up.”

On John Ross “All of them. I’ll take whatever he does. However we’re scoring, whoever it is we’ll take it.” 

How did Rutgers bottle up the run game? “They have a very aggressive safety, that’s why I think we were able to hit some of the deep stuff on them. They want to get their safeties deep down and get involved in the run game. That’s kind of the coverage. They either played a soft cover four, or hard in there. They may stop a couple runs but they’re going to give up deep stuff and be one on one and put a lot on their corners. That’s kind of what happens. Kind of the game happened. I think the linemen will tell you that’s something they want to get fixed. I’m sure Myles (Gaskin) will tell you that too. This is week one. We need to keep getting better.”

 Is rotating a lot of receivers in hard for you? “No. I think we practice so much and throw to them a lot. A lot of those guys are young, but those guys have been taking meaningful reps since spring ball. So just to see them finally come in and execute was nice. Like I said, Andre I thought had a really good catch. I didn’t throw a great ball and he made a very good play on it in a clutch scenario right before half. I just think people showing up making plays is contagious. Someone makes a couple plays here and there and everyone starts making plays. It’s very contagious. It’s a good thing to have.”

Did you take any hits today? “Honestly I don’t even remember after games if I get hit or not. I remember the two or three throws that I want back and the two or three throws I thought were really good. I don’t really remember being hit at all.”

Is it good to be back? “Yeah. It’s good to be playing again.”

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