Post Game Video: John Ross

Check out what Husky wideout John Ross had to say after Washington's 48-13 win over Rutgers at Husky Stadium...

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How important was the first win? “It was very important. We ‘have so much hype’ that I keep hearing, but we’re really not focused on that. We want to focus on every game and winning really. Keep building that team chemistry and work for something bigger than we did last year.”

On Jake Browning “That kid is amazing. He’s a hard worker. After practice we work on it. If he doesn’t like it during practice, we always have to keep working at it. That’s something we’ve been doing since day one.”

Have you had to work hard to develop chemistry with him? “Yeah, definitely because I didn’t catch a pass form him last year at all. From day one when I was cleared and they said I could run routes, we worked on every single route.”

On his chemistry with Jake Browning “Better than what it was when we started. I’m really happy about that.”

Did you have a countdown to this day? “The day I tore my knee I had a calendar. I can show you. It had the Rutgers matchup. I couldn’t wait.”

Did you ever imagine this kind of return? “Not really. I wanted to take my rehab so serious I didn’t really think about anything else but getting better. I barely thought about football when it was time for rehab, because something in my mind told me that I was going to play last year, knowing that I wasn’t. I took rehab so serious.”

Did you think you’d take that first kick back? “I had a dream that the opening kickoff I took back. I was just telling coach Petersen about that. Even though we didn’t get the opening kickoff, to take one back anyway, it was amazing to me. I felt good and I was really happy that happened.”

Did you talk to coach about wanting the opening kick? “We always joke around with him like ‘we don’t need to differ this one.’ But that’s kind of his deal. We never get mad or question his authority. I was happy that we did.”

When did you have the dream? “I tore my knee, and I want to say when I started running around and stuff. Probably around that time.”

What do you dream about now? “I barely dream. I barley can sleep these days. I’m so happy that I’m back. It’s kind of hard to stay asleep nowadays.”

How does it feel to get back? “I feel amazing. I feel so thankful, grateful, everything you can think of. I’m really happy to be able to do it again.”

On wanting to interact with fans “I’m always like that because those guys, they spend their money to watch us. They cheer us on. They give us so much energy. They do so much for us. It’s only right that we sign footballs or give them gloves or something easy like that. They appreciate us and we appreciate them. I feel like they deserve it.”

Did you watch Tyler Lockett when you were hurt? “Just a little bit. We kind of practice a lot. I was either in the training room or watching film or watching our guys. I was very familiar with Tyler Lockett, some of his stuff at Kansas State.”

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