Post Game Video: Dante Pettis

Husky junior wideout Dante Pettis discusses his role in Washington's 48-13 win over Rutgers at Husky Stadium...

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On Jake Browning deep passes “We worked it form the offseason, looking at his posture and how he was doing it and I think he threw it confidently in fall camp. We didn’t always complete them, but we were giving guys chances. And then he gave guys chances tonight and it worked out.”

On John Ross “We felt like we had a couple matches where we put him inside and out and he obviously made some plays.”

How much does having John Ross add? “Quite a bit. It really does. You find him isolated at any time, you feel like you have a winner there. So that adds a big dimension. Because either one he catches down the right sideline. That was actually a run play, but it was a one on one matchup and Jake (Browning) recognized it and put it up and it worked out.”

Did Jake Browning audible there? “Not audible-ing no. We tried to isolate John (Ross) to the field there and Jake recognized the look we wanted and put it up.”

Would Jake Browning have had the liberty to do that last year? “Not totally. No. That was a little bit different, where we would put the isolation guy, one on one route in a run call. That’s something we’ve done just this year.”

On Chico McClatcher lined up against a linebacker “Like that matchup created fro sure. Thought we might see some man coverage on third down, so we put Chico (McClatcher) in at tailback and motioned him and got the matchup for sure we wanted. That was nice. I go back to if you get guys open down the field you have to be able to hit them and we hit them tonight. It was great.”

How hard is it to show what you have on offense when you already have it under control? “There’s some difficulties in regards to you’re playing some guys that didn’t get a lot of the reps, so you’re not trying to get too extravagant. You’re definitely trying to keep some things in your pocket. But at the same time you’re trying to show some things for the next opponent to have to prepare for. There’s a balance there but I’d rather be dealing with that than a tie game in the fourth quarter.”

On the run game “Hit and miss. I thought we had some good hits early with Myles (Gaskin) that if we kept going with that. We did get some explosives, so our run game in the first half wasn’t what we wanted. Really disappointed in the third quarter. Had an emphasis of wanting to come out and run the ball there. And we didn’t get that going. There’s a lot to clean up. I look at our third down, had a couple opportunities in the red zone we didn’t finish. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means, but we’ll definitely take it as a start.”

Did you want more from the wildcat? “Yeah, sure. We called it on third down and didn’t get it. We wanted to add to that package. I like it because it’s a direct snap and giving Myles the ball. But we have to improve it if it’s going to be effective."

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