Post-Game Video: Keishawn Bierria spoke with junior linebacker Keishawn Bierria after the Washington Huskies defeated Rutgers 48-13 Saturday at Husky Stadium.

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Did your first few drives make a statement today? “We’re trying to make a statement from kickoff. That’s where we try to make our statements. Every play we’re trying to hunt. We’re trying to make something happen. Every chance you give us, we will try to take it.”


On tackling “You see Azeem (Victor) hit. We’ve got out boy Z-bo (Azeem Victor). He’ll be knocking people out. We have some bangers on our team. We don’t want to hit in practice like that. Coach Pete (Chris Petersen) definitely doesn’t like that because people get hurt. It’s not always the best thing to do. But when you get the chance to hit somebody, let it loose.”


Is your hitting underrated? “No. I don’t feel like it’s underrated, because I don’t really feel like I’ve been hitting those people. A lot of things have been stopping me from knocking people out how I really want to. It’s just something I’m getting back to.”


Could you sense from Rutgers players that they knew they were in for a long day? “I feel like they were in for a game a couple weeks ago, as soon as they got on our schedule. They probably felt it, but we already knew what we wanted to do and what we were going to get done.”


On his hit on Chris Laviano “He didn’t see me coming or didn’t see how I was coming. That’s on him. He’s got to get out of the way, because I’m coming. I want that ball.”


On the feeling first quarter “That’s what we do on defense. We try to bring that high energy. Guys want to have fun, go around and hit people. That’s what we do. That’s really what we focus on in practice. If you see us in practice, once the music comes on we’re dancing, having fun. But still, it’s like we have to get that three and out. We have to get the offense back on the field, or defense has to win this game. When we come down to it we have this energy, we’re having fun, but at the same time we’re trying to get our job done.”

Did you sense a let down at some points defensively? “No. I never felt a sense of a let down. But I did feel like we did have a goal coming in as a defense to have Rutgers with a zero under their name. We didn’t get that done. That kind of pissed a few guys off, potentially me. We come in here with a goal; we want to make that happen. We know what we’re able to do. Some things happened and they ended up with point son the board. You can’t really be mad at it because we ended up winning the game, but when we set a goal we try to get it done.”

On the return of John Ross “Yeah. I got tired of chasing that dude around in practice, but I’m happy for my brother. I’m happy he’s out there with us. He’s a great player.”

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