Post-Game Video: Pete Kwiatkowski spoke with Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski after the Washington Huskies defeated Rutgers 48-13 Saturday at Husky Stadium.

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Did Rutgers do what you expected offensively? “A lot of it was prepared for. There were a couple little wrinkles they had that we had to adjust to a little bit. For the most part it was pretty close.”

How important were the first couple series? “Yeah. You always want to get off to a good start, fast start, build confidence off of it. First game of the new year, being able to do that gets the sidelines juiced up, the crowds juiced up, so it was good.”

On getting younger guys reps “Yeah, for sure. Benning (Potoa’e) got a lot of good reps out there. Bryce Sterk got it, made a play there towards the end. Any time you can get your backups and your young guys reps during a real game, that’s extremely important for their development down the road.”

On pass rush “Yeah, we got some good inside guys that got a lot of really good push, and the edge guys. We just have to make sure we do a good job of keeping contain. For the most part we did. A couple times they got outside on us. Those guys, Jojo (Mathis), Psalm (Wooching), Connor (O’Brien), Tevis (Bartlett), Benning, they’re all right there. I think it’s going to be good.”

Can you ask for more from the defense to start? “No, that’s the way you want to start. Three and outs and getting the offense as many opportunities as possible. That’s what it’s all about. Starting fast like that is great when you’re at home. You can build confidence on it, fans get into it, and yeah, couldn’t have asked for a better start.”

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