Jacob Sirmon (Brandon Huffman)

Friday Night Lights - Week 1

Dawgman.com hit two games -- Glacier Peak at Bothell (Thursday) and Lincoln at O'Dea (Friday) -- on the first weekend of the prep football season. Here's a look at who stood out during both contests...

Bothell 44

Glacier Peak 29


Our Take: Sirmon looked like a different player than the one we saw bailing out and running for his life last year. He was poised, handled pressure well and he put up some gawdy numbers -- 18 of 34 for 358 yards and five touchdowns -- as Bothell got a 44-21 win over Glacier Peak. Sirmon showed outstanding pocket awareness as well as toughness in the face of unrelenting pressure by Glacier Peak. His first touchdown of the night, a fantastic 58-yarder to running back Alex Indelicato showed just how far he's progressed. After hitting his back foot on a five-step drop, Sirmon felt pressure from his left, so he stepped up in the pocket.  After making this nifty move, he was then flushed to his left with pressure coming from his right. After one pump fake, he avoided the oncoming rush and then delivered the ball, a perfect spiral, while being blasted right in his ribs. People might be concerned about his pedestrian completion percentage, but he had easily six drops including two that would have gone for touchdowns and he had another touchdown, a Hail Mary to end the first half, that was called back due to a holding penalty. All in all, Sirmon looks like the player Scout.com has him projected to be, but he now needs to show he can do it consistently on a week to week basis.


Our Take: Indelicato was indispensable to the Cougars. He ran tough, showed outstanding vision and the ability to cut on a dime as well as the ability to make guys miss. He's not a speedster, but he has enough to get the edge on most plays. He's also an outstanding receiver and that will pay huge dividends as the season progresses and Sirmon gets even more comfortable with him.


Our Take: I have been told that Smith is the next great lineman to come out of the Bothell football program. The moment you step on the field he stands out. The junior has a long frame, he's athletic and he's got pretty good feet. He's still pretty raw, so it will be interesting to watch how he develops over the course of the next year and see where he's at as a senior. 


Our Take: Ziomas showed outstanding touch as well as arm strength. On the third play of the game, he found a running back open on a corner route for what would turn out to be a 70-yard touchdown, placing the ball perfectly out in front so he didn't have to slow down. Ziomas has that "it" you are looking for in a quarterback. The Glacier Peak sophomore's teammates love him, he's a great leader and he can make almost all of the throws. So what's the chink in his armor? He's 5'8" tall and he doesn't look like he has the frame to get much bigger. Make no mistake, he has everything you want in a quarterback except the size, so he'll play ball at the next level, but a lot will be determined on how much bigger he gets as well as what coaches think he can fit into their system.


O'Dea 31

Lincoln 14


Our Take: White has really progressed as a prospect over the past couple of months. He's shown a lot of improvement in his footwork and he really likes to get after it up front. He is out at left tackle for the Abes and he held his own against an onslaught by the O'Dea front seven. He looks like he projects better inside at guard at the next level, but there's no doubt he's on the cusp of some bigger offers. A lot of that will depend on where some of the other big names wind up going.


Our Take: As much as I like Quazzel, Giovonni is my favorite Lincoln player. He's explosive out of his stance and he really love to mix it up. On one play, O'Dea ran their patented belly-option and handed the ball to the fullback. White beat his man off the snap and blasted the ballcarrier for a four-yard loss. He plays both ways for Lincoln, but, at least to me, he looks more like a defensive lineman at the next level. A big thing for him will be how much he's able to grow. He's just over 6'2" tall, which isn't too bad considering he's just a sophomore, but some fear he might have maxed out his height at this point. We'll have to wait and see. He's definitely got the chops athletically to get it done in the Pac 12.


Our Take: Slaughter is an intriguing looking linebacker prospect. He's got great instincts and he loves to play physically while also possessing enough speed to track down plays that go away from him. His biggest drawback is his height. He's not quite 6'0" yet, so we'll need to see how things go, but he sure looks like a Mountain West type of player at the very least with an outside shot at the Pac 12 if he gets a little bigger.


Our Take: After missing his junior season with a knee injury, I was really excited to get a look at Russell and what he can do. On the hoof, Russell is a great looking athlete. He's big, he carries his weight really well and he's nimble for a young man his size. I didn't see the productivity I had hoped to see vs. Lincoln. He didn't get much in the way of penetration and he wasn't very quick off the line. To be sure, some of that can be attributed to his first game back, so I will be interested in seeing him later this fall after he's gotten more games under his belt. He's got the look of a D-1 player, but whether that is FBS or FCS, we'll just have to wait and see.


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