Practice news and notes - 8/20 PM

"For a second there I thought we were playing Stanford," quipped Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson as he addressed the press Wednesday night. Gilby was referring to the sea of red shirts that canvassed the length of the field at Husky Stadium during the Huskies' afternoon practice. That didn't stop the healthy players from putting in some very productive work, and with the dings it allowed for some of the backups to enjoy substantial time with the ones.

Derrick Bradley, Nick Newton, Kenny James, Khalif Barnes, Reggie Williams, Charles Frederick, Jerome Stevens, Scott White and Jon Lyon were the scholarshipped players that went down with various ailments, and DT Terry Johnson missed practice with school and traffic court obligations.

With Johnson and Stevens gone, that gave Tui Alailefaleula and Stanley Daniels a full day inside with the ones and they played well. In a drill between the two lines, Tui was able to beat the opposition a couple of different times, getting Josh Miller fired up in the process.

Miller, along with Junior Coffin, watched intently. The junior from Covina, California, is out for the year with a lower back problem, but already has a whistle around his neck and is doing everything he can to light a fire under his teammates.

The battles between the linemen today were intense and littered with incentives. The losing lines would have to either do 'up downs' or run the length of the field and back as punishment. In every case but one, the offensive line lost.

But don't think the DL got off easy. Beforehand, DL Coach Randy Hart had his group running stairs.

Toughness has been one of the catch-words of fall camp for the Huskies, and Gilbertson even got the kickers involved today, putting them through tackling drills. With Michael Braunstein's shot on Roc Alexander during Saturday's scrimmage at TESC, it's clear they aren't afraid of a little contact.

The defense continues to work hard and smart, especially the secondary. Last week they were swimming in Phil Snow's terminology and technique, but Wednesday they looked like they finally started playing instead of thinking. Sonny Shackelford and Charles Smith had a couple of very nice catches during the one-on-one session and Bobby Whithorne continued to play the role of 'Mr. Consistent', but for the most part the corners had their way.

On the OL, Ryan Brooks and Clay Walker filled in nicely, while Ben Bandel got some snaps in with the ones. Cody Pickett had TD passes to Corey Williams and Adam Seery, but the offensive highlights were few and far between. With Williams and Frederick out, Shackelford, Corey Williams and Anthony Russo spent time with the first team.

On the kicking side, Braunstein went 2-3 at the end of practice. Evan Knudson is still taking kicks sparingly, but Gilbertson said that the junior from Lacey is still number one. He also added that Braunstein led for kickoff duties.

Injury report: Here's the rundown on the various injuries. The ETA on their return is per Gilbertson.

Derrick Bradley - Shoulder. Had surgery and was released from the hospital and is at home right now. Will start rehabbing at school starting Monday.

Nick Newton - Small tear in his bicep, out until Monday.

Kenny James - Stinger, out probably until Monday.

Charles Frederick - Held out today after getting kneed in the gluteus maximus, should be back tomorrow.

Reggie Williams - Held out with a tight hamstring, out until tomorrow.

Scott White - Hamstring, out until Monday.

Khalif Barnes - Ankle, maybe will be available for the scrimmage on Friday.

Jerome Stevens - Ankle, probably out until Monday.

Jon Lyon - Foot in boot, no ETA available.

In the house: Elliot Silvers was at Husky Stadium today, checking things out with Wes Call.

Scrimmage format: Gilbertson said that Friday's scrimmage will be more like a game, with game clocks, etc...

Tomorrow's practice: Tomorrow afternoon's practice will be 'lightbulbs', meaning shorts and shoulder pads.

Battles galore: Gilbertson said that he was very pleased with Ty Eriks today and that the battle for the starting FB job with Adam Seery is up in the air. He also said that he felt Rich Alexis had the edge in getting his starting job back, but that he's still trying to fight through 'camp legs'. Top Stories