Keith Gilbertson quotes - 8/20

Gilbertson was upbeat Wednesday despite the fact that his team was swimming in red. He updated the various injuries that the team has sustained, as well as who the movers and shakers in the individual position battles.

On today's evening practice: I thought it was a pretty good practice. We've got a lot of guys in red who need treatment, I'm concerned about that. Nick Newton hit a nerve in the top part of his bicep that made the muscle go real limp. He probably won't be back until Monday. Kenny James got a stinger today, so I really don't know about that one. We'll shoot for Monday on him. Charles Frederick took a knee in his gluteus maximus, so we held him. Reggie Williams' hamstring was tight, so we held him. There were so many guys in red, I thought we were playing Stanford out there. Terry Johnson had summer school and traffic court. That's been on the docket for a couple months.

On implementing the Ohio State game plan into practice: We've been doing a little bit of that all along.

On Jerome Stevens: We held him today, as we did with Khalif Barnes.

On Derrick Bradley: Derrick Bradley had surgery, was released from the hospital yesterday and he's home. He's be back here rehabbing on Monday. It was a shoulder injury that he suffered in high school. The first day we put pads on, he told the coach, "My shoulder's going to come out today." Then his shoulder went out. They looked at it and saw that he had an old injury. He also a fracture in there of some sort that was an old injury. They repaired it and felt really good about it.

More on injuries: I would think Khalif Barnes would be back for Friday's scrimmage. With Jerome Stevens, it's 50-50.

On the fullback competition: Ty Eriks had a good day today, so that job is in competition. He had a real good afternoon practice.

On Scott White: Scott White has the hamstring so we'll probably hold him until Monday.

On the tailback competition: Rich probably has the edge right now. Everybody has got camp legs, but I think he's had a good camp. He's held on to the ball and he goes the right way. He catches the ball out of the backfield, and now we are going to try to get some legs under these guys under the next 48 hours. He's had a very good 19 practices. He really has had a good camp.

On the fight for the starting slot receiver: Right now you would think that Quintin Daniels, Bobby Withorne, or Anthony Russo. One of those three kids.

On today's practices versus yesterday: I thought they were better this afternoon that they were yesterday. And today we went twice and it was hot both practices. Yesterday we went once and I just felt like we had to really pull them around. Today, even with the amount of guys I red, the tempo was better. We got in and out of the huddles fast. I just thought it was a crisper practice.

On the agenda for Friday's scrimmage: It's going to be more game-like. There will be clocks and kickoff returns. It will be much more game-like.

On the schedule for Thursday: No pads tomorrow.

On the kickoff job: Sean Douglas kicked off and hit some really deep ones (today). I would say that Michael Braunstein has the edge on kickoffs a little bit.

On Evan Knudson: He is still in the lead in PAT/field goal. We are just trying to get him over this hip flexor that is bothering him and trying to get him well. Top Stories