Pete Kwiatkowski Talks Defensive Focus

Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski discusses keeping the players focused during blowout wins and also some of the things that need to be worked on moving forward...

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On Idaho “Yeah. Idaho is coming to town. We had a good practice today. Tuesday practice, good energy. We just have to make sure we keep taking it one practice, one game at a time. We should be good.”

On the offensive performance last week “The offense had a great game last week. I don’t get much time to watch what they’re doing, but I felt like they scored some points, moved the ball, and held onto the ball.”

On a top 10 ranking “That’s great, but it doesn’t mean anything right now. It’s way too early to be thinking about that kind of stuff.”

Is it tough to keep guys focused after a hot start? “I guess when the game gets out of hand it can be, but usually you’re starting to rotate your backups in, and those guys are chomping at the bit to play. That’s a potential issue. You saw it last night. Ole Miss had a big lead and Florida State kept competing and ended up winning. We’re aware of for sure.”

What do you need to work on from last week? “Nothing that just stands out. We’re always working on building skill based off the position. D-line pass rush, getting off of blocks, linebackers reading the key. It’s all based off position. Every week the offense does something, they have something that we had to adjust to, we had issues with and we work on those types of things.”

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