Gregory On UW's Explosive Special Teams

Husky linebackers coach Bob Gregory opines on the explosive special teams effort from the Rutgers game...

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On Tristan Vizcaino “Really good game one. I think when you have a guy like that, and like Cameron Van Winkle, two guys who can really kick the ball; you have weapons right there. We’re very pleased with those guys in game one.”

How hard is it to kick at Husky Stadium? “There are. I didn’t even really realize it until this summer when the kickers told me ‘hey coach, this is the hardest place to kick in the PAC-12.’ I said ‘really? Worst than like a cold Pullman day.’ And they said ‘yeah, this is the hardest place to kick.’ It’s good because those guys are tested here and they’re used to it. Hopefully when we go other places it won’t be as bad.”

On going all of game one without a special teams penalty “It is. And that’s always one of our goals, no penalties, especially on special teams. Hopefully we won’t digress with five or six penalties. Hopefully we’ll just keep that going.”

On John Ross “Great to have John Ross back. That guy is a threat. He’s a 4.4 guy in the forty, so I thought everybody could see what that guy can do in the open field. I think he’s a threat back there.”

Would you prefer they keep kicking it short away from John Ross or they give him a chance to take every kick? “We certainly want them to kick to John Ross; I’, not sure that’s going to happen very much. I think they’re going to kick it away from him. But we think we have some really good returners as well. They catch the ball and they have to do their deal as well.”

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