Vizcaino Is Working On The Finer Points

Husky specialist Tristan Vizcaino has been hard at work on his rugby kicking style as well as placing his kickoffs where he wants them to go...

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On his role as a punter “I think right now it’s just improving consistency everyday, working on my technique, trying to get a little more yardage on my punts, get them more downfield a little bit, give our gunners a little more time to get down there and get in front of the returner. Just like this past game, try to shut down the returner and not let him get any returns in on kickoff or punt.”

On rugby style punting “Yeah, I think I’ve been practicing that a lot in the offseason and even throughout fall camp just getting it perfected, getting it ready for the game. I’m feeling really confident about it. I think it’s going to be huge for us implementing it into the game and it will be a big weapon for us moving forward, especially with a lot of dangerous returner the PAC-12 has. It’s going to be big for us definitely.”

Do you have a preference on kicking or punting or do you do whatever is asked? “Yeah. That’s got to be our mindset. Whatever they need me to do is what I’ll do and do it to the best of my ability and try to help our team win every game.”

On no penalties on special teams “It’s great that we had no penalties. First game you expect to have some mishaps happen, but that’s just a testament to how well this team has prepared for the first game and for the season in general and I think that all the work we put in is coming to show in the games.”

Are you trying to kick a touchback every time? “Every time. If I can eliminate a return, that’s ideal for us.”

Was the wind at your back the first half kicking off? “No, actually this past Saturday there wasn’t a lot of wind. I think once we were heading down towards the locker room side of the field there was a little more wind up top so my kicks were hanging up a little bit, but for the most part there wasn’t a lot of wind. My mindset for every kick is don’t let the returner touch it. And if he does, make it so he doesn’t want to come out.”

On Van Soderberg “Especially in punting, it’s a hard position to come in as a true freshman, or a freshman in general and really make a difference. I know for me it took a couple years just to get adjusted to the tempo of the game, especially get adjusted to the ball we use and just the weather conditions up here in Seattle. I think over time he’ll progress and hopefully be able to make an impact down the line.”

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