Starting Fast Is Big For Bierria

According to linebacker Keishawn Bierria, getting off to a fast start is a huge key for the Husky defense...

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On the win over Rutgers “We played a good gamel we still have a lot of things to work on. Overall we executed our game plan, made some good plays, and offense and defense played a good game.”

On the first quarter compared to the rest of the game “We definitely tried to come out and have real high energy, execute at a high level that first half. That’s really what we did. Throughout the rest of the game we started mixing some guys in that didn’t get as much playing time or don’t have a lot of playing time under their belt, get them acclimated to the game. That’s where a lot of people see the different levels of energy, but we need that in our guys. We have to get them on the field, make sure the young guys have snaps. We burned a few redshirts, so we need to get them in their and show them what college ball is about.”

On being a top 10 ranked team “No. I have no comment on that. I’m here to play football.”

What do you need to improve on against Idaho? “First of all we just need to execute our game plan, make sure we got that down, make sure we know the ins and outs of our defense, know what they want to do, just take a real hard look at their film, see what they’re trying to get done, and just go out there and execute in practice.”

On the young guys “To me, one young guy that stood out was Brandon Wellington, one of our true freshman guys playing at linebacker, did a lot of special teams. He didn’t really have big highlights but he went out there and did his job. That’s what you ask for from a young freshman.”

On the love for John Ross “We have a lot of respect for John Ross because he bails the defense out when we need him. Just to have him out there with us, that’s a great player right there. Just to see him score -because defense in practice, we roll to him, we try to make sure we isolate him at all times and make sure we know where one is - but just to see him out there scoring on other guys, giving them a hard time was great to see.”

On Brandon Wellington returning a kick “I was kind of surprised when we were sending our first team in they called him out to do return. I was like ‘really? Okay.’ He went out there, they kicked him the ball, and he made something happen with it. He didn’t make a real spectacle out of it. He did his job and got some yards.”

On the top 10 ranking “It just goes back to who we are as a team. A lot of people are going to notice and say what they want to say, but as a team we really don’t focus on that. We focus on playing our game and winning every week.”

On Idaho “They really come in, they really want to run the ball. They have a lot of big personnel. They really try to stack up the line of scrimmage. That’s really good for us to get started against early in the season. They really want to play pound for pound football and we’re ready for that. Just go out there and execute our game plan and shut them out.”

On the rankings “They’re probably paying attention to the rankings to see where we’re at, but all we’re focused on is them. All we’re focused on is Idaho, and we’re not looking past them.”

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