Beaver Bounces Back

After a year of recovery, Husky senior safety Brandon Beaver talks about his long road back to health and his hopes for a big senior season...

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On his ACL injury “It was a lot. Once I saw the MRI I finally realized that I actually tore my ACL. It was a lot emotionally. I had a lot of plans last year on the field, but once I talked to my parents about it, I just figured I have to grind to get back out there with my team and make some plays. I’m just happy to be back.”

What did your parents say? “My dad just told me to take it one day at a time. It’s like being a little kid at recess, you’re sitting on the line but you can’t play. You watch all your friends play and stuff like that. That was kind of hard for me. I just had to take it one day at a time and look forward to the next fall. So I would just grind one day at a time and was able to come back with the team.”

On the hardest part of read “The first two weeks were the first two weeks of my life. It was very painful. My knee got reconstructed and all that. Once I got over that hump I was on crutches for about a month. I started limping around and walking a little bit. Everyday I felt myself getting a little better. That kind of built up my confidence a little bit. I just kept giving myself more and more goals. I was just grinding every day and the hard work paid off for me. I’m still working though.”

Was there strength in numbers with multiple guys recovering from the same injury? “It was me, Quinten Pounds, and Austin Joyner. We all tore our ACLs last year. But they actually tore theres a month ahead of me. The whole time rehabbing I was watching them do other things, I asking the trainer ‘why can’t I do that yet?’ Those guys kind of just helped me grind because I just kind of tried to chase them down and that kind of put me ahead of my rehab, made me work harder to try to chase them down because they were a month ahead of me. I don’t want to say it was a good thing that we were hurt, but it kind of worked out for the better for all of us.”

Was there motivation for you to get back for the opener this year? “It was complete motivation to get back for the opener, especially just watching my teammates play. We had a pretty good defense last year, so watching them play and watching everybody make plays is like ‘I want to be out there so bad.’ The whole time I was rehabbing I was thinking ‘as soon as I get back I’m going to be right there with my brothers. ‘The whole time I was thinking about that in the back of my mind.”

On being so close to an interception return for a touchdown twice “It’s for sure coming. The next one I’m for sure taking to the house. I’m practicing that in practice. As soon as I catch it I’m running full speed to the end zone. No one’s chasing me, but I’m running full speed to the end zone from now on out in practice so I can get one to the house.”

On getting caught by Janarion Grant “I didn’t know he was chasing me. I thought it was just me and the quarterback, so I kind of slowed down a little bit. Next time I’m running full speed the whole way for sure.”

Was that interception a result of preparation? “For sure preparation. Coach Lake is really good at breaking stuff down. We have a smart DB room. Everybody in the DB room is pretty smart, so we just see a lot of stuff on film and once I recognize where Janarion was at and what they like to run where he was lined up at I just kind of figured it out. I jumped it and got a pick.”

On leading the team in interceptions early “We’re all competing to get one. We were all competing to get the first one and I ended up getting it, so I’m trying to keep the lead in a competitive DB room.”

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