Mathis Wants To Keep Momentum Going

It came as a bit of a surprise to Husky senior linebacker Joe Mathis when he found out Washington was up to number eight in the AP poll, but he said the rankings don't matter much at this point and that the Dawgs still need to go out and prove it on the field...

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On being ranked in the top 10 “Wow, I didn’t know that. We have to keep going. That’s big time, but it doesn’t mean anything until we beat everybody and go to the PAC-12 championship game and that stuff. We just have to keep going. I hope everybody doesn’t find out that, because we have to stay humble and keep grinding.”

On the first game “We did well. A lot of rotation and stuff, everybody got their feet wet and stuff. But as a whole, as a defense, we swarmed around to the ball and we made them feel us. I think we did a really good job bringing what we practiced to the game.”

Are the younger guys acclimated to college football “We have really good leaders on the team. so the coaches don’t have to really tell them everything. We just lead and show them how we’re supposed to do it on game week and they do a really good job. They’re really focusing and giving us good looks on scout and everything. They’re doing  really good job.”

What are some signs you need to work on to get better? “Going at the quarterback. That’s about it. I’m in a position to go get the quarterback. Last game we didn’t really have many opportunities rotation wise and drops and they were a run team. The next couple games, I have to get my feet wet and go get the quarterback. Do what I was put in a position to do.”

Was linebacker a hard transition for you? “I played linebacker freshman year and sophomore year and junior year I moved to d-line to help the team out. I went to seven on seven. It’s not hard to play. It’s just going back, adjusting to it is a little different, being a little quicker, keeping your feet light. It’s really easy.”

On the ranking “It’s a blessing but we have to stay humble. It’s good news but we don’t want anyone off track. We have to stay focused on what’s important. It’s good. It gives us a pat on the back, but we have to keep pushing forward, staying hungry, and keep fighting for what we want.”

Did you think you’d ever be a top 10 team during your time here? “I always knew it would be somewhere near that, but I didn’t think it was going to be this soon. It’s crazy that you told me that. We have to keep going. I can’t just be like ‘I’m so happy.’ I want to be number one at the end of the day.”

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