Smith Knows There's Still Plenty To Do

There's no question Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith was pleased with the execution from his side of the ball early in the Huskies' 48-13 rout of Rutgers Saturday, but he knows there's still plenty that needs to be worked on as UW gets ready to host Idaho this coming weekend.

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What did you like from your offense Saturday - “Obviously I liked the explosive plays in the pass game, the deep ball getting thrown and completed, some route running there I liked that. I thought our pass pro, for the most part the first half, was pretty good. Was pleased with that. We’ve got some areas to improve on but the protection piece was good, and the explosive deep balls.”

Did Jake trust that pocket more because it was so good? - “I think so. He had a couple reps, both those sacks we take, Jake can do some other things to make that better, so I don’t even put that on the line. So the pass pro was good, and when Jake knew what he was doing he trusted it pretty well.”

How hard is it as a play caller with such a big lead to nurse it and get so many other players in and keep it going? - “It’s a little bit difficult at times because you start to sub and get some other guys in there. That’s what was disappointing about our third quarter play overall. I thought we could come out and milk it a little bit, control the ball and get some things done that way and we didn’t get that done. So there’s always areas to improve.”

Were there runs there? Was it just not a good fit? - “There were a couple creases but there wasn’t much for the backs, to be honest with you. There’s a couple plays with a crease, outside of that there wasn’t much for those guys. So we want to get better at it.”

Fair to say that will be an emphasis the next couple weeks? - “Yeah. We’re going to try. Each week you’re going to improve on everything. Every week you’re going to have something to improve on but we definitely want to run the ball better than we did last week.”

How satisfying was it to get so many explosive plays early and often - “There’s no question, it was nice. I think about the three big ones, the first one was a third down and we thought we might get some man coverage and got Chico on the matchup we wanted. And so you get the matchup you want, but to hit it was great. And then obviously the two to John, you isolate him on who you want to isolate him on and he can run by ‘em. So that was satisfying, but it’s only week one and tape’s not going to lie so I can see some double coverage and some things that way and we’re going to have to find other ways to get explosive.”

What do you see from Idaho? - “They run around and play with great effort. They can play physical. I thought they played physical at times. Even this last week against Montana State. They play a scheme that gives you a lot. You look at last year’s tape there’s a lot going on there. That is challenging, but I definitely think those guys play hard.”

How much were you able to keep in the playbook compared to how much inventory you said you had ready during fall camp? - “For the game? What we had for the game? We only had 60 plays of offense, so there’s calls definitely in there that didn’t get called. And that changes week to week and what the defense is showing but there was definitely some things we had that didn’t get called.”

Call Budda’s name again at some point? - “Yeah, at some point we will. We’re still working through the kinks of where that is. Definitely want him to be more than a fly sweep guy only, so we’re working through those kinks.”

On using coach Tedford and how that worked out week one - “He was good up there. We talked about the plan quite a bit throughout the week and then his eyes, conversations in-between series, some thoughts…that’s kind of how it worked.”

Lot of continuity in terms of how you and Tedford like to use a lot of shifts and motions? - “We do have some continuity there. With him and Pete being together way back, some of that comes from that. And then obviously some of what we were doing at Boise. So there’s some continuity. But with terminology, you start talking the language back in the day and they are on the same page, so it’s been good.”

How did Jake grade out in terms of his decision-making? - “He was pretty solid. Definitely had a couple we would take back. The interception he had was a pressure look. We’re running the wrong route. That was a poor decision on the interception. Outside of that he’s going to a lot of the right spots.”

Hard to judge the run game when Rutgers was really trying hard to stop it? - “They were good at stopping the run. The defensive line, they were a physical group there. That was one of their strengths when you look at last season at Rutgers. Their strength was better run defense than pass defense. So that played into it a little bit.”

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