How Comfortable Is Jake Browning Right Now?

After throwing for 287 yards and three touchdowns Saturday in Washington's 48-13 win over Rutgers, Jake Browning is feeling okay about his play. But after talking with him Wednesday it's clear he's far from satisfied.

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How did tape look compare to the feeling on Saturday? “I thought we had a couple good plays for sure, but there’s definitely some stuff to fix. We didn’t finish like we wanted to, and other than a couple big plays I feel like there’s a lot of stuff we had to work on. Got the win so that feels good and we’re moving on to Idaho.”

Is the dynamic different for quick starts or is it a struggle to keep going after fast starts? “I think it’s something that people can get a little complacent, but if you’re an offense you have to keep going. And that’s kind of what we planned on doing. I don’t think we executed like we should of. It’s something we need to work on and have been working on. Got the win. On to Idaho.”

Were you in dream land on the sideline after completing three deep balls for touchdowns? “Yeah. I think just the way the played, we watched all their Ohio State stuff, they played really well. We kind of thought we could take a couple shots on their corners and kind of thought the way they played they were going to be involved in the run game because they’re so low and aggressive. I thought we could beat them a couple times. I thought I had a couple good throws here and there, but overall I thought I played alright but there’s definitely stuff to work on. It wasn’t like a perfect game.”

What was going through your head when you had Chico McClatcher lined up one on one with a linebacker? “You have to put it up and give him a chance with it. It was kind of a mismatch.”

How much more comfortable do you feel with the deep ball? “I think confidence came from working on it all offseason. (John) Ross was the one that shined a little on Saturday but Chico had a deep one, Dante (Pettis), I have to put it out for him; I think I missed him on some where he was wide open and ran a really good route. It’s something we worked on a lot so it was finally nice to do it in a game.”

Did you put an emphasis on starting fast? “It was more just on executing, it doesn’t matter when, just have to execute. We started but I thought we could have finished better. We know what we have to work on, but we’re on to Idaho.”

How much more comfortable were you Saturday than the opener against Boise State last year? “More comfortable. I think I’ve been asked that like a million times. I’m pretty comfortable with saying that I’m comfortable.”

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