Ross Helps Huskies Get Explosive

With 182 all purpose yards and three touchdowns, John Ross III had a huge impact in Washington's 48-13 rout of Rutgers Saturday at Husky Stadium. On offense and on special teams, Ross knows he has a chance to really do some damage this fall.

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Do you have more big plays left in you for the rest of the season? “Yeah, I’m still working. In my opinion I didn’t really do anything special just because we have a great group of guys; my teammates work so hard and they do such a good job. I just want to continue helping those guys.”

Where do you want to improve as a receiver? “Still in every aspect. Getting off the ball, catching, route running, blocking, just every aspect still.”

Are people going to stop kicking to you? “We do think that, but we’ll just be ready for whatever they do.”

How good was the blocking on the kick return touchdown? “It was awesome. Like I said, I don’t really feel like I did anything special, just had to make one cut on the kicker and just had to run. Our guys did a really good job blocking. When we go back and watch tape, you guys can probably see that.”

On no penalties on offense or special teams “During camp we worked on that. No penalties. Everyone works on that. We just wanted to stay focused and stay disciplined.”

On the top 10 ranking “We kind of don’t pay attention to that, just because we still have to practice just like we practiced last week if we weren’t ranked. We take it one day at a time here.”

Do you know what Idaho’s mentality will be coming in here? “Not really. I’m just kind of focused on our mentality, our culture, and our standard. Everyday we want to take it one day at a time and focus on those guys, focus on their game plan, and prepare for them.”

Is it easier to focus on your team in early in the year and improve? “It’s kind of always about us. From day one it’s always been about us. If we don’t get any better, we won’t play as well as we did last week. It’s kind of always about us.”

Do you think you answered all the critics? “Yeah. I think we did a pretty good job, but we have to continue to get better. We won’t get complacent with that. We still feel like that wasn’t an amazing job. We’ll continue to get better from here on out.”

Is it nice to get off to a fast start and build from there? “Definitely. That’s kind of our focus. Get out and score. Whether it’s from the opening gate - whenever we get the ball we want to score, always. That’s our focus.”

How will the three deep balls in the first quarter affect how defenses approach you guys? “I think it will affect a lot. We’ll probably get softer coverage and defensive coordinators will game plan against that. We have a great offensive staff and we’ll just work around that and continue to get better and find something better to do.”

What goes through your mind when you see a one on one matchup? “My eyes definitely light up just because that’s something that we want, one on one coverage. And not just with me; with Dante (Pettis), Andre (Baccellia), Chico (McClatcher), anybody we get one on one with, we feel we have winners.”

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