Post-Game Video: Jonathan Smith

See what Husky offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith had to say following Washington's 59-14 win over Idaho...

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On the offensive performance “I thought there was obviously some good stuff that we were happy with. I thought Jake (Browning) threw it pretty accurately, not a lot of missed throws out there. Extended some plays that were critical, even the first snap of the game, going and extends the plays. I think we’re getting better at Jake’s ability to extend the play and then getting open once he does that. I was happy with that.”

On the sluggish first quarter “A little bit of they had some pressure packages that we thought we were ready for that they hit us on a couple of times, just got us out of whack a little bit. We got back to some of our base stuff, tried to go a little bit change the tempo a little bit. That worked well.”

On changing the tempo “I think there’s a comfort level with the group because those plays we do we practice a lot so they’re comfortable with that. I think it got Jake (Browning) in a little bit of a rhythm. When the quarterback is in some rhythm, you usually work out well.”

Do you see something extra with Jake Browning when he gets rolling? “I think he’s confident with that stuff. He is comfortable. It was dicey with that going fast; these guys’ pressure package was extensive. Recognizing that while going fast, did a decent job of picking that up. If your quarterback is comfortable, you’re probably having success.”

Are you getting more comfortable with Jake Browning 14 games into his career? “Yeah. There are some throws - there aren’t many throws I feel he can’t make. The guy has a good arm, he’s been accurate, anticipating balls. There’s a wide variety of what we like.”

Any particular moments where Jake Browning looked great today? “A little bit of the red zone pass. Going down there we called a couple quick plays, hitting the backside slant on a couple coverages stood out. The slant to John (Ross) starting the second half was a good rep. He did a couple of things in the run game too; he changed a couple of plays we needed to get changed and we had some decent runs there. Besides the red zone slant, that stands out to me.”

On the run game “I think it’s still a work. I think we can better. I think we were closer as the game got into the second half. We still wanted to mix it. That was the thought going into the second half. Last week was just kind of all run. We still wanted to be able to mix that. We still have to work in a lot of areas. We had some protection issues at times, guys scrambling around. There’s a lot to improve on.”

Does it become a game within a game to decide who to play when rotating so many players? “Yeah. Those guys have earned it. Those guys are working. I was pleased with a lot of those guys that went in. We hit John Gardener on an in route. He probably hadn’t repped that all week in practice. K.J. Carta-Samuels I thought threw the ball pretty well first couple of  throws. I was pleased with that.”

On Dante Pettis “Dante (Pettis) had a good game. First play of the game did a good job of getting open off a scramble, had a couple other tough catches. The guy is a good player. He is a nice guy’s (John Ross) compliment, but they have similar skill sets; Dante can run. You see him get out on punt returns. Those two guys, I like where Chico McClatcher is at right now. The guy is playing fast, he’s a tough kid who will catch the ball. We’re pleased with those three guys.”

On Dante Pettis’ improvement “I think he’s always improved each year. I think his game is a game you can win with in this league for a couple receivers. I’m happy with him. He’s a smart kid. He knows where he’s lining up, how to run the route, recognition of coverages, he’s good in the run game. The guys a good player.”

Do you ever feel awkward blowing an opponent out? “Yeah, we’ve been on it. It’s a little bit, that’s what it’s signed up for. Definitely in the second half we got a little more vanilla and ran it, but we didn’t want to just sit there and only do that. They have some good players, they have some good scheme over there. The overall depth makes it tough.”

On special teams “Wasn’t surprised they didn’t kick it to John Ross, but that kicker is a good player. We’ve been talking about that all week. He’s a difference maker.”

Is it hard to find a balance when you know want to get K.J. Carta-Samuels reps but don’t want to throw too much? “You wanted to pick and choose when you were throwing it, but you want to give the kid an opportunity to play and show what he can do. We still converted on a couple third downs. He almost threw a touchdown, would have been his second touchdown, to Connor Griffin inside. I thought that was a good ball. We want to let the guy play and see where he’s at.”

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