Post-Game Video: Pete Kwiatkowski

See what Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski had to say following Washington's 59-14 win over Idaho...

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On the game plan going in “Just do what we do. We always keep everything in front of us and do a great job of leveraging the ball and tackling. We thought going into the game they’d come out and what they do is quick game, try to run the ball a little bit, quick game, and take some shots here and there. They started out doing a googol of getting the ball out quick. I think we just, credit to the guys, we got them into fourth downs and they decided to go for it and we had guys step up and make some big plays on fourth down to get the ball back from the offense.”

On the defensive line play “They give us a little bit of a luxury, whether we rush four or rush three, and they do a good job of pushing the pocket and getting really good pressure on the quarterback. Those guys had - I thought Washington had a really outstanding effort.”

On Connor O’Brien’s pick six “Yeah, that’s funny because he could have had one earlier too, but he didn’t just didn’t quite get wide enough. That’s always jun when you’re able to score a touchdown on defense. That’s what it’s all about.”

Is it a game within the game to figure out who to play when up big? “You’re just trying to get as many guys in the game as possible that have earned it. For sure. There are a lot of guys, we have a lot of young guys and we’re trying to get all those guys some playing time, but at the same time the guys that are a little higher on the depth chart, we’re trying to get them more work. That’s definitely - we’re thinking about that as we finish out games like that.”

Are Kentrell Love, Byron Murphy, and Isaiah Gilchrist on the redshirt path right now? “Yeah. I think as of right now that’s the plan.”

Does it get tougher to keep focused when the noise gets louder? “Only if we let it. If we stick to the process, take it one day at a time, one game at a time, one play at a time, and you just do your job at a high level and execute at a high level, it shouldn’t be. We just don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, that’s for sure.”

How good have the guys been at handling the mental part of the game? “They’ve been great. They’ve been great so far. We haven’t really faced any adversity yet, so that’s going to be - we’re waiting for that. When we’re in a tight ball game, how we respond and how we execute and how we handle those situations.”

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