Post-Game Video: Azeem Victor

See what Husky junior linebacker Azeem Victor had to say following Washington's 59-14 win over Idaho...

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Where do you think  you’re more effective this year than last year? “Every phase of the game. I think we’re way more effective. On the offensive side we got John Ross back, and you know Dante (Pettis) and Chico (McClatcher) and those guys are just making plays. On special teams, we always hone in on special teams. We always try to make plays on special teams. And defense, we just all play as one. Every part of the game is a big aspect.”

On Keishawn Bierria “He’s hungry. He’s one of the sleepers. Not a lot of people talk about him. He’s out there to set a statement.”

On kickoff returns “Kickoff is where you make your plays. That’s always fun to go out there and battle with those guys, always talking trash. It’s always good to here a lot of trash talk.”

On wanting to play special teams “Like I said, special teams teams is where all the fun is. Whenever we get the chance to go out there and the twos are getting most of the plays in the second half, it’s never fun just sitting on the bench and just watching. You always want to go out there and do something. Thats what they’re trying to do.”

Are you happy with where you guys are at? “Yeah. It’s two and zero, so you never can be mad at that.”

How does good defensive line play make your job easier? “Those guys, I always want to give a shoutout to my defensive line because they’re just so hungry. Just seeing them work during the week and go out there and just do it, it’s not even a surprise because how hard those guys work. It’s just incredible. They’re always out there and they’re ready. And what’s so crazy is they battle for sacks. Before the game they’re like ‘I’m going to have more sacks than you.’ That’s how you want your d-line.”

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