Post-Game Video: Jake Browning

See what Husky sophomore quarterback Jake Browning had to say following Washington's 59-14 win over Idaho...

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On facing the Idaho defense “Yeah, it was pretty much just take what they give you. There’s nothing special about tit. I thought they definitely wanted to pressure us and see how we were doing with that and we didn’t start as well as we wanted to, but we definitely adjusted and started getting in a rhythm and felt good.”

On picking it up in the second quarter “I just think it was that we didn’t panic or anything like that. Kind of just focused in, do your job, and executed well. I did feel like in the first quarter that we were this close to getting that first first down and just get rolling and getting into a rhythm, because that’s really the biggest thing for us; when we get that first or second third down, we drive the ball pretty well, but we’ll have to see on film what it was. Once we got it going we got it going.”

How do you keep calm in the huddle? “I think everybody responds to adversity. We’ve had to go through practices where we weren’t doing well and had to turn it around. I think it’s something we practiced. There’s no special speech that I say or anybody says, just ‘alright, let’s go.’ Just lock in and really get it going.”

Was it coach Smith who called for the up tempo stuff? “That was all coach Smith.”

How does up tempo help? “I think it depends on the team. Coach Smith thought it would be a good idea to go faster and thought that would be something that would work and obviously it did really well. That was really good by him. I’m there quarterback, I’m not the play caller. I just run whatever he says pretty much. It was a good idea to go fast. I think that’s really what opened it up for us and let us get in a rhythm. That was a good call by him.”

Are you cognizant of when you get in a zone? “I feel a little bit, like we’re moving the ball well. Everybody feels it. When the offense gets rolling and really gets going it’s kind of contagious and it’s just a feeling everybody feels. As for high school, that’s totally different. It’s a totally different game. It’s easier to go fast. Everybody’s doing the same thing over and over. As far as everybody talking ‘high school this, high school that,’ I’m kind of over it to be completely honest. It was fun, but this is totally new and this is something - I’m a sophomore. We don’t need to keep comparing it to high school. I think we went fast. Coach Smith decided he wanted to go fast, and it felt good.”

Is it important to be tested before going into conference play? “I think it’s important to go win whatever game you play in; you just have to win. There’s no easy game. You see all over the country people who are losing to teams that all the media guys are saying are going to be blowouts. You still have to show up and all that. I thought we did, executed well, and that was pretty much it.”

On receivers making plays after the catch “We give our receivers a chance, they do some good things with the ball. It’s about dropping back and getting completions. That’s for the whole offense, that stat.”

What did coach say to you after the fumble in the first half? “Nothing. Just you have bounce back. No one is going to play a game without andy adversity. It was good that we responded the way that we did. Started a little slow, but in the second quarter I thought we turned it up and everybody just focused on their job and came out and executed and bounced back.”

How did this game feel different than the last game? “I think it was a little different where we didn’t start - obviously we had the first play to Dante (Pettis) - but the couple drives after that we stalled a little bit. I felt like we finished well. Didn’t feel like we finished well last week. It felt like we finished well and obviously respond to the adversity.”

Did the passing game feel different than it did last time? “Yeah I think that’s just, those defenses are going to take away certain things; those guys practice too. So I think their thing was they saw the film and obviously weren’t going to let us just launch it up to people. They were playing more off so we had to hit more underneath stuff. Last week they were playing more aggressive, so we were over the top but intermediate stuff wasn’t good.”

Did you anticipate that? “I kind of figured we weren’t going to get one on ones to John Ross. I think that’s why Dante kind of showed up. I thought he had a really good game. Chico (McClatcher) showed up. Quinten (Pounds) had one at the end. Andre (Baccellia) was catching the ball well. Darrell (Daniels) had a couple catches. I thought we spread it around pretty well.”

How encouraging was it to get it done in different ways than the deep ball? “I thought that was kind of my niche a little bit last year so that’s always something I felt good about. Just executed it. We didn’t really do anything crazy, just go in and run our stuff and executed well.”

On the run game “I think we’re always working to get better every week. Part of that is on me; I think I checked a couple things that I shouldn’t have checked. I think we’re all working to get better.”

On the big jump start to start the game “Special teams has shown up big for us the first two weeks. Not many teams - I was looking up at the yards, we didn’t even have 500 yards of offense, but put up 59 points because we were on such a short field the whole time. I thought they shoed up a lot and we just executed. It wasn’t really anything special or any splash plays really. It was just execution which feels good.”

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