Post-Game Video: John Ross

See what Husky junior wideout John Ross had to say following Washington's 59-14 win over Idaho...

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On the development of the offense “It’s just a different mentality. We had a lot of young guys last year. We didn’t have that much experience. Now we do. We have guys that are a lot more confident in themselves than they were last year. A lot of people stepping up.”

On not getting a chance to return a kick “They kind of gave us a look I’ve never seen. I thought I was going to get to it, but it went out of bounds. It gave us more chances to have offensive plays.”

On getting more opportunities underneath “Just off of the corners’ leverage. I kind of knew it was going to be there. And I know when I see something, I know Jake (Browning) probably saw it 10 seconds before I did.”

On the fumble on the opening kickoff “Its just amazing. It was a momentum change. It was a momentum changer and a game changer. When we see something like that - because me, in my opinion, I’m always expecting to get the first kickoff return and that’s not how coach Pete (Petersen) works. But our kickoff, that’s like the tone setting group. So when they make a play like that it gets us super fired up.”

Were the opportunities underneath a result of you going deep a bunch in the first game? “Yeah. I’m pretty sure they watched our film just like we watched their’s. They schemed around us. They didn’t want to get beat deep. I think they did a good job in their coverage, but there are always ways to work around that too.”

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