Post-Game Video: Dante Pettis

See what Husky wide receiver Dante Pettis had to say following Washington's 59-14 win over Idaho...

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On the sluggish start “Obviously we would like to come out a little faster and not have to wait for some things to get going before we picked it up again and kept scoring. I think overall once we got going everything was clicking and we really did what we wanted to.”

Do you think the run game is a concern? “No, I don think that’s a concern, I think our guys are going to do what they do. I think it’s just right now passing is working and that’s what we’re sticking to. If we really wanted to run the ball I think we would call more running plays. Right now, the passing game and that’s what we’re doing.”

Did you expect not to have a lot open over the top? “Yeah we could tell there defense played a little bit softer. They were back a little but further so we figured that we probably couldn’t just run straight past them. So we had to take the underneath routes and basically just take what the defense gave us.”

Did you expect your job to be easier with attention on John Ross? “Yes. It just depends on what the play is. There are times where I’ll be running deep and someone else will be underneath. But there’s times where Ross is underneath but I’m coming underneath It just depends on what play is called.”

Are you aware when Jake goes on a big completions streak like he did? “No. You can kind of feel it though because the offense is in such a rhythm, like everything you’re just moving the ball, moving the ball, moving the ball. But no, we don’t really know like how many he’s got in a row.”

On improving every week “I think it’s just more with us. I don’t think it really matters who we play, we just have to keep getting better every week.”

Would you like to play a top 10 team in non-conference? “Yeah, that would be great. There’s obviously a lot of hype in other conferences and stuff. It would be cool to schedule one of the games, but at the end of the day, like I said, it’s about how much better we get each week.”

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