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Friday Night Lights - Week 2

Week two of the high school football season featured several interesting matchups. Dawgman.com was at two contests -- Oak Harbor/Kamiak and Lakes/Bellarmine Prep -- and we got a look at several prospects who piqued our interests...

Oak Harbor 55

Kamiak 21


Our Take: We saw Lollar as a junior last fall and he was an intriguing prospect, but he ballooned up and got up over 250 pounds and that took away a lot of his quickness and flexibility. He's since trimmed down and he's a well put-together prospect who just powers through a defensive line. Lollar finished with 275 yards and three touchdowns on 26 carries on the evening. He bulldozed through arm-tackles and wound up trucking a couple of different defenders on his way to the endzone. Lollar also has soft hands and he could wind up being an H-Back at the next level. While I don't see him as a Pac 12 type, if he finds the right situation and coaches that will get him the ball in different ways, I could easily see him having success at the FBS level somewhere.


Our Take: Hardin is explosive. Once he finds daylight, he puts his foot in the ground and he's gone. Hardin is a bit on the light side, so he'll need to get stronger, but he showed superior vision and acceleration through the hole. I could easily see him playing either corner or tailback at the next level and once Lollar leaves, he'll be the feature back. While playing the "backup" role this past Friday, Hardin still managed to run for 124 yards and three scores on nine carries.


Our Take: Merk has everything you want in a young quarterback -- size, athleticism, arm-strength, leadership, toughness -- but his supporting cast was a little shaky vs. Oak Harbor as he was running for his life on almost every play. Merk overthrew a couple of wide open receivers, but it looked like he rushed the throws instead of making them in the natural flow of things. He did show good footspeed and a decent release and the Kamiak coaches are really excited about what he can be in the future, but on this night, he just wasn't able to get his team past a very good Oak Harbor squad.


Bellarmine Prep 34

Lakes 7


Our Take: Moore is big and he has a great presence. One thing you notice with Moore is how much his mechanics have improves over the offseason. He stands tall in the pocket and delivers the ball smoothly to his receivers. He challenged the Lakes secondary deep on a handful of occasions, but it was the Lions' running game that really spelled the difference in this game, so it will be interesting to watch Moore this season and what he's able to do when teams load the box against the run. He did show some nice timing with his receivers on several routes that required pin-point throws. The senior signal-caller finished the night by completing over 60% of his passes for 166 yards and a touchdown.


Our Take: Money lived up to his name with 91 tough yards and three scores on the ground. The senior tailback broke tackles and showed good short-area quickness. He's not a gamebreaker as far as speed is concerned, but he's got enough speed to hurt you if he gets some daylight and he'll power through tacklers if there isn't any space. Money is the type of player who has the talent to play at the FCS level, but winds up at Central Washington and has a stellar career.


Our Take: Was really excited to see Milligan play and came away impressed by his athleticism, but it really was a mixed bag for the two-way athlete. He was solid as a receiver and caught almost everything thrown his way, but on defense, where most scouts see him winding up in college, he was only average, giving up a couple of receptions on out routes from Bellarmine's receivers. He did show a willingness to come up and hit someone, but Money ran through one of Milligan's tackles at inside the five and that allowed him to power into the endzone. 


Our Take: Lindsay had a big night as far as tackles are concerned -- 12 stops -- but he made most of his plays down the field. He wasn't able to disengage from blockers and that made it hard to stop the rolling Bellarmine Prep running game. Lindsay is instinctive and strong at the point of attack, so we'll chalk some of his struggles up to good line play from the Lions' offensive line.


Our Take: Was impressed with Jasso on the hoof. He's big and strong and he runs pretty well for a big man. While he's got the requisite skills, I didn't see him get penetration when he was on defense and he struggled to block in space. He was at his best drive blocking for the run, but Lakes didn't do that much with their running game. I see him as more of an offensive lineman at the next level where he can use his size, tenacity and good feet to be a solid guard prospect. 

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