Keith Gilbertson quotes - 8/21

Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson was in a good mood Thursday night as his team was getting ready for a full scrimmage Friday at 8PM. All preparations are being made for a full-game simulation, all the way down to the clocks, referees and four quarters of action. Here's what he had to say about the scrimmage, position battles and who is standing out from the crowd.

On what he wants to get out of tomorrow's scrimmage: Well I'd like to go out there and get some real sharp, crisp play. I want to see all the spots competing and I want to see the freshman receivers look like they've made some progress. The backup quarterback thing is still up for grabs, fullback too. I would like things sharp, more intense.

On the safeties: Well, I think Jimmy Newell has separated himself from the group. I think Evan, Sims and Biddle, those four guys, can play. So we'll put them in the game. I think Jimmy's had a really good camp. He's shown good instincts and good speed. I think all four of them have been competitive.

On the backup QB spot being resolved by Monday: I'd like that. I'd like for it to sort itself out. You'd really like someone to jump out there and look really good.

On the running backs: I think Rich has had the best camp. I think Shelton has recovered but he did get behind. He missed a day and a half while the other kids pushed through. He has some catching up to do. Tomorrow is a great opportunity for him to show just what were trying to get at with our running backs.

On the kicking game: I think Garth Erickson is the number one punter going into tomorrow and Evan Knudson is the number one placekicker going into tomorrow, but I want to see everyone compete. A guy like Sean Douglas, he can kick 60-yarders. He's got a big leg. But I want to see guys compete. And the pace will be a lot faster tomorrow.

On Jon Lyon: He fractured his finger on a throw and he injured his foot. They had to remove a fingernail and put some stitches in. Today was the first day he was able to catch.

On backups stepping up: I'd say that in most cases we knew pretty much who the backup was or who would be competing for the position, other than wide receiver. With Reggie and Charles in red for a couple of days it's given them time to do a lot of things. They are still young and are making a lot of mistakes. But they are very talented.

On Mike Mapu and short snapping: When he gets that thing right he can really snap it. I would say right now that Jason Benn and Mike would do the short snapping, and the long snapping would be Galloway, Biddle and Benn.

On Maurice Clarett: I haven't been following it. I've got plenty to worry about here. Whoever the tailback is, we have to defend their system. And you know they have more than one great back.

On Jim Tressel's teams being reminiscent of Don James' teams: I'd say that's fair. He had a lot of success at Youngstown State with that style and he's certainly had a lot of success at Ohio State.

On any other simulations for tomorrow's scrimmage: We've got to create some noise. We've got to get used to that. They have great fans. We'll figure something out. Top Stories