Kwiatkowski Wants To Remember The Rules

Husky defensive coordinator says defending Portland State is all about remembering the rules and keys they have been teaching since the start of fall camp...

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On the Idaho game “Real good. Real good effort, real good energy, we tackled real well in the first game but it fell off a bit in the second game here. Just keep getting better and building skill by position. Each guy, there’s something they can do better whether it’s pass rush or block protection or eyes .There are so many fundamentals and techniques that guys have yet to master, so the energy and the amount of speed their playing with is awesome. Just have to keep working on mastering our position.

How is Portland State similar to Nevada in scheme? “it’s pretty close to identical. A lot of the plays up front are blocked the same, the philosophy of how they stay on doubles, and looking for movement and it’s a downhill run game. They have outside zones, but that’s more of a changeup because they want to get the ball downhill. Their quarterback, he’s not Colin Kaepernick but he’s very similar in style. If it’s not there and they don’t like the look throwing the ball, he’s going to scramble and he’s elusive and breaks tackles and the best compliment I can give him is the guy is competitive. He just keeps coming and fighting, clawing, and he’s a good little player.

On their backup quarterback, Parris Penn, who also plays receiver “Number two, yeah he’s probably their best athlete as far as speed and wiggle. He’s a good player and they’d like to get him the ball out in space.”

On Connor O’Brien’s interception and how gratifying it is as a coach? “Connor (O’Brien) is a two and they play a lot to begin with, but any time you see a guy, I don’t care if it’s Connor or anybody that gets a pick or scoops a fumble up and scores a touchdown, that’s big time. That’s our goal. At the end of the day we want to score or get the ball back for our offense. Anybody that does that, that’s huge.”

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