Gregory Talks Linebackers, Returners

Husky linebackers coach Bob Gregory talks about his young linebackers and what it means to have so many options in the return game...

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Do you have to scheme expecting sky kicks? “We do. We have to practice it. I think we have two good returners back there, a returner and we call an off-returner. Both those guys have to get ready to field the ball.”

On Brandon Wellington as a good returner “Yeah, Austin (Joyner) can too. I think we have some guys that we can choose form back their. Coach Petersen actually coaches all of those guys, those guys are very dialed with what they have to do. So they’re all in on all the short kicks and the squib kicks and all that stuff.”

On Brandon Wellington as a linebacker “He does. He’s not real tall. He’s a little thicker than you’d think. I think he’s pushing 220 or something like that. He’s a thick kid but moves very well. The guy has played a lot of football in high school at different positions, so he has a really good feel for football, which is nice as a true freshman.”

On Keishawn Bierria’s improvement “Much better. He’s healthy, which is good. He’s been a little bit dinged in the past. He’s slimmed down a little bit. I think he’s at a great playing weight and I’m excited to see what he can keep doing from week to week.”

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