Matchups Are The Key For Lake

Husky defensive backs coach talks about what it was like when he first arrived at Washington in 2014 and how they decide which players will play in different situations...

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On the variability of the looks you can give with the depth in the backfield “Yeah, it depends. It kind of comes back to match ups. A lot of matches. Sometimes we play Kevin (King) inside. Sometimes we’ll play him outside. Budda (Baker) may play outside a couple times this year. There’s a lot of match ups that we have the ability to really disperse all these DBs across the field against different body types, against people’s best receiver or their best tight end. There were a lot of times last week we put Budda on number 13 from Idaho (Trent Cowan). He was a big third down target for those guys and Budda did a really good job of locking him down on all the third downs. So I think really from week to week, these guys are so much farther ahead in terms of understanding our defenses. Now we can do multiple things with those guys.”

Is there one defining characteristic of all schemes across the country? “Yeah. One thing is that the toughest team always wins. At the end of a Saturday afternoon, or in the NFL at the end of a Sunday game, the toughest team always wins. That never changes.”

On Myles Bryant playing as a true freshman “Myles (Bryant) had an unbelievable training camp for us. Was  player we really loved out of high school; a lot of teams really liked Myles Bryant out of high school. It just so happened that we ended up getting him in as a walk on, some scholarships filled up at some other places. He led us in interceptions in training camp and he played so well for us we wanted to go see him out there and perform on special teams and then also on defense when he got the chance. Fortunately, this last game he had a chance to go out there and play some nickel for us and run down on special teams and hopefully moving forward here we’re going to get his feet wet a little more.”

On Brandon Beaver’s increased playing time “Brandon (Beaver) was a really good reserve guy for us last year, played really well until we lost him to the ACL injury versus Oregon. He did an unbelievable job coming back from the injury, grinding in the weight room, grinding in his rehab, and had a big time training camp for us. At this point he’s playing like a senior. Seniors usually have a little more urgency, they know this is their last go around. He knows these defenses and he;’s really become a captain for us out there in terms of making the calls. He knows numerous positions. He’s playing like a senior and seniors play with more urgency, they’re smarter, they’re savvier, and I’m really excited to see his senior season unfold.”

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