Victor Is Looking For Improvement

Husky junior linebacker Azeem Victor talks about improving a specific aspect of his game...

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On looking more sure of himself out there “You know, you just have to have a nose for the football. Definitely improved off of last year and just knowing where the ball is going to be. When you know where the ball is going to be you’re able to play a little bit. You’re able to play and have fun a little bit.”

On improving mentally “Definitely. Me and Keishawn (Bierria) just being in there with my coaches always having questions and asking; you always want to be sure. Once it comes time for game time you want to be just ready to play

On rotating players “Those guys get after it. I’m glad to be able to go out there and see them play and see them go out there a little bit. They’re out there having fun. We all have our minor little mistakes we have in a game but we always have something to improve off of.”

Does every week feel like the engine is getting going even more? “Oh yeah. Every week is another faceless opponent. It’s always about us and if our energy is right then we’re going to be good.”

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