King Is Keeping The Energy Up

Husky senior defensive back Kevin King is like a coach on the field and he loves to help the younger players so that they can have success when they enter the game...

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What do you do to keep the energy up when up big and the depth players are playing? “We like to talk to those guys a lot. We like to talk to them, just let them know they’re not backups; they’re starters when they get in there. We’re rooting for them. They have us on the sideline cheering them on, so they’ll hard. Things like that where we like to give them that encouraging words and stuff.”

On Myles Bryant “That’s my guy. Myles (Bryant), he comes out here always doing extra work. He’s one of the last guys out on the field after practice is all said and done. You can tell his work ethic is there, from a young age that’s big, coming in as a freshman and doing that kind of stuff. I can see that he wants it. I can see that his drive is there and everything is there. It started coming along for him.”

On playing more comfortable “I think one of the biggest differences for me this year to past years, like my freshman and sophomore years, is that mindset. Being comfortable when I’m out there. It’s a lot like practice. Before I would go out there and it would feel a little different. I would try to psych myself out; not psych myself out, but I would tell myself that it’s practice, it’s practice, I do this, I do this. But there was a little something different about the games. This year and a  little last year, I would go out there and it feels like practice. I just feel relaxed. When you know you go. Coach Lake has put us into a great opportunity. He puts in the place to make those types of plays.”

On taking pride in hitting “That does a lot. We know all these teams throughout the PAC-12, Portland State, and everybody else we haven’t played so far is watching our film. So we want to put out there that when you catch the ball, if you catch the ball, you’re going to get hit. And you’re going to get hit every time repeatedly. And that’s either by our linemen, Vita (Vea) coming back on a screen, or that’s by one of us. We love punishers out there.

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