O'Brien Adjusting To New Role

Husky LB Connor O'Brien is adjusting nicely to his new role in Washington's defense...

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On adjusting to DE/BUCK “I’ve been playing it for like a year now, so I’m feeling a little better at it. I really like it and I enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun.”

On tackling well as a team “We emphasize a lot on, we call it ‘dawg tackling,’ because of how the rules have changed a lot today. They want us to be lower so we’re safer and just hit at the knees and wrap up. It’s been productive for our team.”

Is it good to face a mobile quarterback this week against Portland State to prepare for conference play? “Absolutely. Every team is going to be good at this level, no matter who they are, so you have to be prepared for them. Their quarterback is very athletic, very good. Hopefully we can contain him and not let him go off.”

What do you have to work on as a defense? “It’s just you have to prepare every week and you have to do the same thing each week. Study tape, practice hard, do the game plan as the coaches write up. It should pay off hopefully.”

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