Smith Confirms: PSU Similar to Rutgers spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, who confirmed Chris Petersen's Monday comments that Portland State are schematically similar to Rutgers. So does that mean bombs away?

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What did you see out of the film from the Idaho game? “It’s never as good, it’s never as bad as you’d think obviously when you’re watching it. I thought guys did a good job with the ball and creating plays for us. Jake (Browning) was pretty accurate. I thought his decision making was really good. Even looking at his incompletions, some of those were thrown away balls, which he should be throwing away. Overall, that stood out to me. I think guys are playing hard. THere’s great effort out there on tape. It’s nice to be able to see the majority of the offense, talking about the second half, other guys getting in there. There are some good signs from our young guys that are twos right now. There are some good signs there.”

Is it good in hindsight to have some things not go well and adjust and have success, showing that you can get things done in different ways? “Yeah. I think you can coach adversity. It wasn’t like we were steam rolling from the beginning. There was some adversity there. We continued to coach that because things are - we play a tough schedule, and that thing is coming in a hurry. We’ll be able to coach off of that. Not every series is going to be perfect. We have to be able to battle back from that. That was nice.”

Is Portland State like Rutgers “I’d agree with that. Schematically they have some similarities and we’re looking at that game. I’m sure they’re studying that game very closely. If they continue to play like they’ve played it, it will be similar to Rutgers.”

Will this be an opportunity to go over the top more again? “You have to see how they continue to play it. We are going to look always to find explosive plays, however they come. Idaho did a decent job trying to keep things in front of them, underneath throws were there. We’ve got Rutgers on tape, so if Portland State is watching that, we’ll see what kind of adjustments they make.”

On the receiver corps “Coach Hamdan has done phenomenal job with those guys. I do think we trust them, we know where they’re going, they know how to run a route, they’re competing out there, not just in the pass game catching balls, but in the run game and blocking. We’re happy with the progress of that group for sure.”

Do you think there was progress running the ball from game one to game two? “I think there was. We still have to continue to progress, just like we’ve been doing in everything. But in the run game in general, we have to continue to progress there.”

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