Bhonapha Not Worried About Production spoke Wednesday with Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha, who isn't concerned about the Huskies' run game through two games as they prepare to face Portland State Saturday.

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What did you see on tape from the game against Idaho? “These guys are out there, they’re working hard, and we continue to get better. I think the big thing, as we came into training camp, was doing a great job of holding on to the football, doing a great job of getting yards after contact, and really taking the next step in our pass protection. I thought I saw some improvement from game one from Rutgers to game two with Idaho. I think one of the things we did do well, we were able to stay behind our pads and really fall forward on a couple runs. Obviously I think there’s always when you’re playing running back one or two holes that you do miss. And we just have to continue to get better.”

On the lack of explosive runs “I don’t know if there is a direct correlation to say ‘this is what it is, why we’re not getting some of the explosive runs.’ But I do think this. We’ve worked on it and harped on it this week and last week. We have to do a better job of running after contact, do a better job of not getting our feet tripped up when guys are swiping at them. We just have to continue to work on that.”

Do you expect Myles Gaskin to break a big run soon? “I want any of these guys to break one every chance we get. Obviously Myles (Gaskin) is a hard worker. I think Jomon (Dotson) and Lavon (Coleman) have done some great things in practice, as well as in the games. As a group, we are a shoe string tackle away from having something big and like I said, we have to pound, pound, pound. Next thing you know it’s gone. We just have to give these guys the opportunities to do it, which we are, and they just have to take advantage of them.”

What went into redshirting Sean McGrew and Kamari Pleasant? “I thin the biggest thing is just really looking at those guys and watching them develop. It’s a long football season and those guys will continue to develop. Hopefully my guys continue to just keep playing where they’re playing. I think it’s just a necessity based thing, but we’re definitely excited about both of those guys, and I know those guys, as we continue throughout the season, will continue to get better in their facets.”

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