Chico McClatcher Comfortable In Receiver Role spoke to Washington sophomore receiver Chico McClatcher, who is off to a blazing start this fall. When talking about players improving from year one to year two, Chico has to be near the top of the list.

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On the biggest difference between these first few games and when he was a freshman last year “The biggest difference for me, definitely for me just me being comfortable in the offense. Last year I watched a lot of Jaydon Mickens and how he was so patient in zones and knew when to use his speed. This year, so far I’m more comfortable. I’m being more patient when I’m running routes and on my releases and stuff. The first few games have been great.”

Was it a big learning curve transitioning from his role at Federal Way to UW? “Yeah. It was a huge learning curve. At Federal Way I just used my speed and tried to out run people, but definitely at the college football level, you have to know when to use your speed and know when to sit down in zones versus zone coverage and stuff like that, not just run over zones and stuff. Man coverage you can use your speed and a little technique, and that’s what Bush Hamdan has taught me a lot, just a lot of technique.”

How much of your skill translates over from running back to receiver? “Definitely. Everyt ime I have the ball I always think to a running back breaking tackles, making people miss and stuff. Having those plays for me lets me go back to my high school days, just trying to out run people and stuff.”

On the receiving corps’ improvement “Everyday we’re improving and obviously it’s showing on film. In practice we just have to keep on getting better everyday. We know we’re going to do good in games. It depends on practice, like how well we practice, which is going to relate to the games. We’re pretty good right now.”

Do you think you’ll have more chances over the top against Portland State? “Oh yes, definitely. you’ll see a lot of plays deep this game.”

Have you lobbied coach Bhonopha for some snaps at running back? “I haven’t asked for carries back there, but they alway shave different personnel and stuff where I can touch the ball. I’d like to go at running back, but at the same time at receiver though. I have to worry about receiver, not too much at running back.”

On the touchdown on the tunnel screen “I just saw, I saw great blocking. The linemen, Darrell Daniels, who was in on that play, really caused me to score. All I had to do was make one guy miss and then I scored. It comes down to the linemen too and Darrell Daniels. They did a great job on that play.”

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