Ross Talks Browning Relationship, More spoke Wednesday with UW junior receiver John Ross III, who talked about his relationship with quarterback Jake Browning, playing with three quarterbacks in three years, and more.

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Where does Jake Browning compare to other quarterbacks you’ve played with? “All of them are great guys. They all have similarities, but they’re all also different. Jake (Browning) Is just a little bit younger than them. They were around the system more when I got to play with those guys.”

Where does Jake Browning compare in maturity to other quarterbacks you’ve played with? “That’s a little hard for me to answer because I was so immmature when I got here with the mature guys, so I was never really that much around them. But seeing Jake come in and be a leader from  day one; he was ready to start when he got here. His mindset was right, he paid attention, and he was always focused.”

Where do you want to improve offensively? “Everything. There’s nothing that we’re good at. We’ll never be complacent. We’ll never take that. We want to get better, we want to score more than we already have.”

Has it been difficult to adjust to three quarterbacks in three years of playing? “Not really, because the difficult part was I didn’t really know how to run routes before. I was really detailed; now I’m more detailed than I was before. It’s really them adjusting to me, because it’s hard to just throw to someone that you don’t have timing down with yet.”

Do you have the sense that you distract defenses? “I think so. Not just so much with me, also Dante (Pettis), Myles (Gaskin) of course. I think it will be hard just to worry about me, because we have so many other good players in our room, in the running back room, and also you have to scheme around Jake (Browning). He’s also elusive, as you can see, he doesnt go down.”

What does Chico McClatcher do similar to Jaydon Mickens, and what does he do different? “They’re both very quick. Very quick, very fast. They do a lot of things similar. The thing about Jaydon (Mickens) is Jaydon was a technician, and Chico (McClatcher) is still getting there. Chico is still learning everyday to get like that. When Chico leaves he’ll have just as much success as Jaydon did.”

Is Chico learning to become more technical a result of a lack of game reps as a receiver? “Yes. I think that’s what it is. Like I said, he was young. He really didn’t have that much experience. Jaydon came in - I’ve been knowing Jaydon since middle school, so I’ve always seen Jaydon be this detailed kind of football played. And Chico made the transition from running back to receiver, so he was still learning as he still is now.”

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